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Veronica Fish Named New Ongoing Artist for Archie

Veronica Fish Archie

Fiona Staples and Annie Wu are tough acts to follow in any context, but Veronica Fish has already proven herself up for the challenge. Fish will be stepping up to the plate as the new ongoing artist for Archie.


Archie has pretty much been killing it since they revamped their flagship title with Mark Waid and Staples’ run. Wu took over art duties for Issue #5 about the #LipstickIncident, and Fish made her debut in the most recent issue of Archie. Now, her style may look familiar to you. That’s because she was also the concept artist for the upcoming CW show, Riverdale! She clearly has a love and knowledge of these characters, and I’m looking forward to seeing how she and Waid continue to collaborate on this breath-of-fresh-air title over at Archie Comics.

According to an interview at Entertainment Weekly, Fish is having a great time on the book so far, but that doesn’t come without a teensy bit of pressure:

It’s a dream job. And like all dream jobs, it comes with responsibilities. Even though I do feel quite a bit of pressure, I’m trying to focus on how much fun it is.

As of today I’ve drawn 66 pages and three or four covers, so it’s settling into a good groove. [Waid is] an incredible writer and a great guy, so this experience means a lot to me. I’ve been fortunate in my career to work with wonderful writers (JJ Kahrs, Chip Zdarsky, Robbie Thompson, Melissa Osbourne) and each time you learn something new in the creative process. This is my first time working on a character with this much history. Mark is more than capable of handling that, and I’m so inspired by his ideas it’s exciting to dive in. My husband knows when a new script is in because he can hear cackling laughter explode from my studio.

Have you been reading Archie lately? What do you think of what the book is doing so far?

(via Comics Alliance, images via Archie Comics)

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