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Can’t Disagree That This Unidentified Writhing Goo Creature Is, in Fact, Venom

Seems about right.


An unsuspecting individual posted today’s new internet sensation: a writhing black mass that looks remarkably like a certain comic book villain. While this Twitter user just wanted to tap into the collective knowledge of the internet’s wealth of bored nerds to find out what they were looking at, there was only one conclusion those nerds could come to: The symbiote known as Venom is here and Eddie Brock is about to have his life changed for the better.

A love story for the ages, Eddie Brock and Venom have taken over our waking moments since the 2018 Venom film was released. When Venom takes over Eddie Brock as his host, the two have a relationship that is founded on their need to help each other. Granted, Eddie Brock was a functioning human before, but Venom made him better.

All that aside, I’m just glad that Venom saw the state of the world and decided it was his time to come and try to save us all from ourselves, the weather, and the coronavirus.

In all seriousness, I have no idea what this black goo actually is. Science Twitter came through to say that it could be a Bootlace Worm, which is venomous—well, its mucus is toxic, but let me have this Venom joke. Still, the idea that a worm looks like that? Absolutely terrifying. Eddie Brock becoming one with Venom because of something like that? Revolutionary and also the love story we need in 2020.

So, am I going to sit and think that Venom has come searching for Tom Hardy? Yes, because then that means that, somewhere, Tom Holland is out there with a spider-sense going off because he has a new foe to face off against. (Help me, I just keep thinking about fictional characters at a time like this.)

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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