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Valentine’s Day Marketing Sucks but Not This Moulin Rouge Ad!

I hate Valentine’s Day, and yes, it’s because I’ve never had a Valentine, and the day is filled with couples being thrown in our faces, particularly in our media. So when I woke up this morning, I was the Grinch of the season of love—that is, until the official Moulin Rouge the Musical account decided to release a look at the Broadway production.

Then, I was crying in my bed before I even really woke up.

For those unaware of Moulin Rouge the movie (honestly what are you even doing with your life), it follows the story of Satine and Christian, two artists living in France during the early 20th century. Satine, who dreams of being an actress, is plagued with a life as a showgirl in the famed Moulin Rouge, so when the Duke comes to town, she is promised the chance to become the kind of actress she wants to be.

The problem is that Satine falls in love with Christian, a penniless writer who only has his words and his typewriter to his name. Their love is doomed from the start, but they are open with one another, ready to take on the world, and above all things, in love.

Starring one of the Broadway loves of my life, Aaron Tveit, the musical is highly-anticipated (at least by me) and, from what I can see and have been told by friends who went to Boston to see its run there, it changes quite a bit. That being said, I’m not particularly fond of change (especially since “Come What May” and “Your Song” are two of the bigger changes in the show), but then again, I’d spend my entire rent just to watch Aaron Tveit sing the phonebook.

It is honestly very intelligent marketing, because I wouldn’t exactly call Moulin Rouge the most romantic of movies, because it does have a tragic end, but the main message of the film is to cherish freedom, beauty, truth, and love above all else. So releasing information about the new musical on Valentine’s Day for singletons like me who love the film? Chef’s kiss.

This musical is probably going to bankrupt me but OH WELL! Moulin Rouge the Musical opens on Broadway officially on July 25th, but previews begin June 28th!

Will I see the show in previews and when it opens and probably a ton of other times? Yes, this is my favorite movie with one of my favorite Broadway boys in it. I’m ready to die. Also … it’s the first time I’d be seeing Aaron Tveit live in living color (see what I did there?) and that might just be the end.

(image: screengrabbed from the official Moulin Rouge Twitter)

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