Valentine’s Day Grab Bag: 10 Heart-Shaped Things

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Some of these might not make the best last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts or ideas — it’s probably too late to run out to the Fukuoka fruit market or fly to Galesjnak, though heart-shaped pancakes might be doable. But this gallery of heart-shaped things should nevertheless restore your faith in things that are heart-shaped and possibly placate your loved one on Valentine’s Day. It’s the thought that counts, right?

1. Heart-shaped watermelon

From the aforementioned Fukuoka fruit market in Japan.

2. Heart-shaped pancakes

Heart-shaped pancakes that are also heart-friendly. Food’s got the recipe.

3. Heart-shaped reef

This heart-shaped reef looks like something out of Final Fantasy VII, but is actually a small part of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Who knew?


4. Heart-shaped island

In that vein: the island of Galesnjak, off the coast of Croatia, “has become a destination for the loved up of the Adriatic,” according to Web Ephemera. (h/t Presurfer)

5. Calf with heart-shaped mark

No, this isn’t ‘Shopped: this calf was actually born with a heart-shaped mark on its forehead in Japan, roughly one year ago.


6. Heart-shaped uterus

Bicornuate uterus, or “heart-shaped uterus,” is a uterine malformation that occurs in between 0.1-0.5% of women. Fortunately, it’s not a cap on fertility or pregnancy: though women with the condition should seek appropriate medical care, 65-85% of them experience no pregnancy complications.


7. Realistic heart-shaped pendant

You’re doing it wrong! Or is that right? This hyperrealistic Etsy pendant, made by Tillybloom, would warm your truelove’s ventricles, if it wasn’t already sold out.

8. “Heart-Shaped Box,” Nirvana

Because we’d be remiss not to include this classic Nirvana video in the mix. Though isn’t the Santa hat a bit out of season?

9. Heart-shaped tornado

Omen of love, or omen of flatland destruction? Or both? This heart-shaped tornado admittedly looks a bit Photoshopped — it’s as if someone mirrored one tornado to make a heart shape — but it still makes for nice eye candy.


10. Heart-shaped cloud of 8 million degree gas

Though some of the other items on this list will work as gifts, in varying capacities, this gas cloud in young star cluster NGC 346, probably not so much. Maybe name a star or something?

In conclusion: Happy Valentine’s Day!

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