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Will There Be a Sequel to the Uncharted Movie – and Would Tom Holland Return?

Tom Holland and Mark Wahlburg standing on a plane in Uncharted

I reviewed Uncharted for us and had quite a lot of fun in the movie, given that it is an origin story for Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake and quite different from the video game itself. But what does that mean for the future of the franchise? Could we see a sequel with Holland returning as Nathan Drake?

To be honest, I definitely think that Sony wants there to be one and I do think that it would work. The film does a lot of set up to get us ready to explore the treasure hunting world and the adventures of Nathan Drake in more than one outing. With the opening night box office of $3.7 million here in the United States, the chances of a sequel aren’t lost like Nathan Drake’s treasures.

The question of whether Tom Holland would come back for it all depends on Holland’s future career and schedule. Right now, he’s set to film a series for Apple with Amanda Seyfried called The Crowded Room next and then has talked about taking a bit of a break from acting given how non-stop his career has been since his introduction into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2016. But if an Uncharted sequel did get under way, where could we go?

What could a sequel look like?

Considering the expansive world of the many Uncharted games, we have plenty to pull from. The first film gave us a bit of backstory for Nathan (which comes later on in the game storyline) and we got to explore a new villain in Tati Gabrielle’s Braddock. So future films could draw from other foes that Drake comes in contact with throughout the game to have him square off for another nonstop treasure hunt.

The movie does set up a sequel, with both Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg’s Sully getting information (using Sam Drake’s ring to get it) and clearly showing the two working together still to find answers. We also get a glimpse and what we can assume is Sam Drake, alive and well despite what Sully and Braddock thought. So they are clearly setting us up to see a future for the franchise with this movie.

Personally, I’d love to see it. I had a lot of fun with Uncharted because while it was a video game movie, it still made the story its own and added new characters and aspects to it without being too bogged down in the history of the game. It had its nods to things but stayed true to the story it was telling, and it was a nice escape from everyday life.

So if Sony wanted to explore more of this franchise with Tom Holland as the lead, it would be an excellent journey. But Sony also has made a lot of money with Tom Holland as the face of its Spider-Man franchise in tandem with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so I think that if it came down to it, Sony would continue with Spider-Man and make it the priority. But it’d be nice to have more of Nathan Drake’s story with Tom Holland charting the way.

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