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Tyrannosaurus Rex: Fearsome Predator or Loathsome Scavenger?


From the Department of Validating Awesome Things From Your Childhood comes a happy bit of news – Tyrannosaurus Rex is officially a predator again. Many of us gleaned form elementary school field trips that the Jurassic Park star and archetype for enormous, terrifying murder-lizards was a bloodthirsty apex predator. This has been called into question in recent years, with T-Rex being more commonly classified as a scavenger.

But something about that always seemed off in our heart of hearts, because, you know, it’s T-Rex. Picking at leftover carcasses for a meal would be most unbecoming for a dinosaur of this stature.

Now don’t get us wrong. We understand that science changes and moves forward, and that the ideas we grew up with – even the really cool ones that we’re oddly attached to –  are subject to change as more facts and better research become available. And that’s a good thing. But for those of us still trying to come up with a new mnemonic device for a solar system without Pluto and reeling from the more recent aspersions cast on the noble triceratops, it’s nice to have some things stay the same.

Thus, feel free chalk one up in the win column as we welcome T-Rex back to the world of towering killing machines plucked from your worst nightmares. At least until the next round of new evidence sends him back to scavenging for leftovers in – what, call it five years?

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