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Things We Saw Today: Why A Star Keeps Being Born

Right now everyone is suffering from A Star is Born fever and for a movie that has been remade three times, it’s really impressive that is has held such a place in our collective imagination for so long. I myself am a lover of the 1954 version starring Judy Garland, who was robbed of her Oscar because I’m sorry but Grace Kelly wasn’t that great in  The Country GirlThis video by one of our favs, Screen Prism, breaks down why Hollywood keeps telling this story over and over again. In many ways, it’s obvious because Hollywood loves to mythologize itself. But still, I doubt we will be remaking movies like The Artist again and again. A Star is Born is a classic because of how it deals with humanity, fame, gender and the way it casts its leads.

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There are no spoilers for the newest film, so if you are interested in the background of this film’s multiple histories, film junkies, this is the video for you.

  • Tosin Cole plays dyspraxic character on Doctor Who named Ryan Sinclair and it has brought attention to a condition not many people are aware of, just proving one more reason why this new season of Doctor Who is a must watch. (via BBC)
  • With Brett Kavanaugh attempting to use his Ivy League education as part of his character study, it is important to recognize that Elite Law Schools can be and often are toxic places where rape culture runs rampant. (via Bitch)
  • Tracee Ellis Ross is amazing and living her best life no matter what assholes think (via GoFugYourself)
  • Our should-have-been first female president Hillary Clinton speaks about up what Trump’s remarks at the swearing-in ceremony say about the future of the Supreme Court. (via CNN)
  • Riz Ahmed talks about diversity vs representation so that everyone in the back can hear. (via Twitter)

(via Youtube, image: Warner Bros.)

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