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Things We Saw Today: Petition to Cancel Insatiable for Fat-Shaming Reaches 100,000+ Signatures

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Since the first trailer for Netflix series Insatiable came out, it was clear that whoever was behind this show had never really had a thoughtful conversation with a fat person, or even, at the very least, listened to an episode of This American Life about the issue. Not only does the show have a fit actress in a fat suit to portray the title character, but the way the character “Fatty Patty” loses weight is by being assaulted by a grown man and having her jaw wired shut. Yep, because people could just lose weight if they only stopped eating, that’s totally the way it works. Not like weight loss isn’t more complicated or that even losing a bunch of weight doesn’t turn you into someone who is instantly thin.

Immediately, people called out the trailer for fat-shaming and now a petition to cancel the show has reached over 100,000 signatures.

Alyssa Milano, who stars in the show, came to its defense on Twitter, along with the main star, Disney actor Debby Ryan. Milano insists the show is meant to highlight the dangers of fat-shaming while Ryan calls it a satire.

The whole premise of this show seems like something out of the 90s /early 2000s and while I doubt the show is going to get canceled, my only hope is that the backlash will teach executives that fat people want to be able to tell their own stories. Not to only be the butt of jokes while skinny women wear fat suits.

Also, if you think this premise is gross and you don’t have to cover it for work, don’t watch it.

(via Jezebel, image: Netflix)

  • Alexander Hamilton is about to be on the big screen, played by our musical overlord  Lin-Manuel Miranda. I mean I was willing to just settle for that Original Broadway Cast live recording that we know y’all have but this is good too. (via Slashfilm)
  • Jess Wade is trying to bring awareness to female scientists even if she has to write 27o Wikipedia articles to do it. (via The Guardian)
  • This lovely lady is offering to be your stand-in mom if your homophobic one won’t be there. (via Buzzfeed)
  • Riverdale says there is going to be another gay relationship in its upcoming season and that might finally mean Kevin finds love again and Moose gets to be an out bisexual! (via Pink News)

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