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Things We Saw Today: Disney Uses the Power of Tessa Thompson to Draw People into Their Streaming Service

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The Tessa Thompson train is still going strong, as the Afro-Latina actress has been cast in an upcoming Disney live-action/CGI hybrid remake Lady and the Tramp, which will be apart of Disney’s upcoming streaming service.

So far the casting includes Tessa Thompson as Lady, Benedict Wong will voice Bull, an English bulldog, Justin Theroux will be the Tramp that we all love, Kiersey Clemons from Dope will play the character of Darling, and Ashley Jensen (Extras) will voice a Scottish Terrier named Jackie, who’s one of Lady’s closest friends, a gender-bent version of Jock. The film will be exclusive to Disney’s streaming service once it launches in late 2019.

Look, just make sure you keep the “He’s a Tramp” song from the original and there won’t be any problems.

  • Taraji P Henson stars in this remake of the M-l Gibson movie “What Women What” except unlike the original, which was filled with hot women, this is filled with mediocre to blah men. Equality … (via Youtube)
  • People are not happy about this “ad” for The Nun which is really just a shitty jump scare. First of all, not cool and second of all, The Nun? Is this the best you can do title wise? (via Slashfilm)
  • Pearl Jam has raised millions of dollars for homeless shelters, proving once again to be much better men than the guys who listen to their music.

    (via Twitter)

  • If you thought you canceled MoviePass, check again. No really, they are resubscribing some people who thought they had canceled. (via Uproxx)
  • Proving you can do a successful convention without stealing people’s hard earned money and imploding, Wakandacon broke all the ideas about what a first-time con can and cannot do. (via The Verge)
  • Merida memes. (via Buzzfeed)
  • Six things we need the Arrowverse to include in their upcoming Batwoman series. (via SyFy Wire)

(via Collider, image: Disney/Screen Gems)

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