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Things We Saw Today: Dionysus Is a Much More Complex Figure That You May Have Thought

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One of my absolute favorite Youtube Channels, Overly Sarcastic Productions, posted this excellent break down of the history of the Greek wine god Dionysus showing his transition from terrifying underworld-adjacent wine god to young, hip, born from Zeus’ thigh wine god. It shows how the Cult of Dionysus was integrated into the Greek pantheon proper once the men in charge realized that there was no stopping a religious cult that was all about social anarchy and uplifting those suffering from disenfranchisement.  Nothing says cultural assimilation like taking a Lovecraft-style figure that induces madness and turning him into … a craft beer bro. Also is it surprising that Alexander the Great Bisexual of History would want to promote a god with a face like this:


(Image: © Marie-Lan Nguyen / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY 2.5)

I’m just saying.

Also, seriously if you don’t already watch them, go subscribe to Overly Sarcastic Productions, they are excellent.

Coincidence I think Not

(via Disney)

  • Did you know that some of the greatest unsung heroes in films are the bugs? When are they going to be acknowledged, media?! The injustice cannot continue. You love the man, but not the spider.
  • Male “allies” out there: instead of complaining about being one of the “good guys” actually try and be a good person (via Pajiba).
  • Fans of Lucifer can breathe easy now that the show has been picked up by Netflix!  (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • It’s time for Luke to meet his mother! I mean come on? You never call, you never right, you better be real nice to her in the afterlife. (via i09)

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