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Twitter Suspends Rose McGowan — Be Her Voice

#ROSEARMY Assemble

Actress Rose McGowan, one of the loudest voices online about the sexual abuse problems in Hollywood, had her account suspended on Twitter. McGowan posted a screenshot on Instagram showing the message from Twitter about how her account violated their rules.

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It is very likely that someone reported her account, which is what led Twitter to make this action. Yet, any marginalized person who dares have an opinion online can tell you that not a day goes by that they are called a bitch, the n-word, or bombarded with hate speech and Nazi imagery. On Twitter, you can have a verified account and still say that you want to enslave another human being for the lols.

Twitter has yet to take real steps to protect those people and make it difficult to create bot accounts. It has allowed a toxic system to take hold online, but thankfully people are going to continue to make noise. The reality is that Twitter will not be able to silence Rose McGowan because she doesn’t give a fuck. She will keep on fighting and we will all be beside her. The call to be her voice is not just one for herself, but for all the women who have been in the shadows trying to find some hope that their stories will be listened to and believed. If you want to support and stand by McGowan, stand by the victims and amplify their voices so they can be heard.

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