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Twitter Asked What Are the Best Movie Endings and Everyone Had an Opinion

It is definitely Ricki and the Flash, though.

Having an opinion on the ending of your favorite movie can make people testy. We all love our favorites for specific, often personal, reasons. Whether it’s just something we enjoy watching when we’re down or because it’s highlighted as one of the greatest movies ever created, we appreciate cinema in all its very nuanced forms.

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So, when Twitter user RealToddHaynes decided to ask the internet for opinions on movie endings, the responses varied. From movies that were probably not the best to those we’ve all probably seen over and over again, it is a delightful look into the psyche of a movie goer.

Are you the kind of moviegoer who wants every film to be worthy of an Oscar nomination? Or do you enjoy the insanity of a movie like Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again to brighten your cinema going experience? Movies don’t always have to grab your attention and keep you in tears for weeks to make them a classic in your mind.

Muhammed Jallow shared the idea that sometimes, we turn on movies just to watch a specific scene.

Personally, a movie that gives us joy but is not universally loved sometimes has the best ending. To me, there’s no greater feel-good movie than Ricki and the Flash. With Meryl Streep as Ricki Rendazzo (or Linda, which is her real name), the movie is wild and, at times, makes no sense, but watching the final scene as Ricki sings “My Love Will Not Let You Down” at her son Josh’s (Sebastian Stan) wedding, you can’t help but want to cry from joy.

Movies are not always about what is going to win an award. The silliness of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again as both the younger versions of the characters and their famous older selves sing side by side is not lost on us, but it’s fun and why we loved the ending of the movie.

What’s your favorite movie ending? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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