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Twin Peaks Newbie Recap: “Dispute Between Brothers” & “Masked Ball”

TwinPeaksS1Ep17Oh, Agent Cooper.

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Episode 17: “Dispute Between Brothers”

“Three Days Later” Dr. Hayward is giving Sarah more drugs to cope but she doesn’t want them anymore. Agent Cooper explains it wasn’t really Leland who killed Laura and tries to comfort her by telling her Bob is gone. “So is everything I loved,” she replies.

TugCollarCut to after the funeral (thank god), everyone is at the house, including Nadine and Hank, making things more awkward than necessary. “Can you see my underpants in my shoes,” Nadine asks Big Ed. Dr. Jacobi is back! Agent Cooper has some vacation time saved up and is wondering what he’ll do with it. Two old guys are randomly arguing at the food table…. turns out to be the Mayor Dwayne Milford and his brother Dougie. The Major invites Agent Cooper night fishing which I’m sure will make for an exciting event.

Oh my god the high school!! It still exists! Dr. Jacobi and Ed are asking the principal to let Nadine go back to school. Which, in my mind, is a very, very bad idea.  Audrey visits Agent Cooper as he’s packing. Feelings, feelings, feelings. He gives some back story about a woman he loved who died after being witness to a crime. She died in his arms, to be exact, and he was badly injured. This was when with his partner Windom Early lost his mind. Audrey says, “One of these days I’m going to be grown up and on my own, you better watch out!’ Cut to Agent Cooper looking super satisfied.

Bobby is trying on Leo’s clothes and Shelley could not be more bored. Catherine visits Sheriff Harry at the station, pretending she’s just returned, and gives him a story about an “angel” saving her life, mixes it with some truth, says she found her old summer cabin. Oh, and she came back only because she ran out of tuna fish.

Just when you thought things couldn't get more awkward between these 3.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more awkward between these 3.

Dick comes to see Lucy, says he’s quit smoking and is seemingly trying to shape up to be a good dad, while Andy listens in. And wouldn’t you know it? Andy actually fights for her. He tells Hawk he knows Lucy is wild about “Morals and manly behavior.” Lol. Sheriff Harry gives Agent Cooper a special lure for his fishing and a Book House Boy patch! Aww, buddies! As he’s saying his goodbyes to everyone else, in walks Agent Roger Hardy to inform Agent Cooper he’s been suspended without pay. He’s with internal affairs, along with a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer.

Bobby is trying to get a meeting with Benjamin as Audrey finds him and starts making fun. “School numbs my buns,” she says, at least referencing the fact that they should be in school right now instead of working out blackmail schemes and such. She winds up helping him, I guess because she hates her dad more.

Hardy questions Agent Cooper, along with the mounti… oh holy shit I just realized it’s Madmartigan’s friend Airk from Willow! They talk about his about rescuing Audrey, but he didn’t contact Canadian authorities, and thus is in trouble. They’re trying to determine if he’s responsible for the deaths there as well because apparently they already had an undercover thing going on with Jean Renault. Annnnnd to make matters even worse, the DEA will be brought in about the drugs and Agent Cooper must mount a defense. Sheriff Harry tells them to stuff their “cooperation.”

Nadine is trying out for the cheer leading squad and… goes all Nadine, throwing a student way the hell into the air.

I told you this would be nothing but trouble.

I told you this would be nothing but trouble.

Shelley notices Leo moving again and at the R&R, Norma and her mom are discussing the negative review the place got. Ohhhhhhhhh shit. HER MOM IS THE SECRET CRITIC!!! Way harsh, Tai. At One Eyed Jacks Hank is celebrating with some ladies along with a slightly disagreeable Ernie (Norma’s moms’ husband) when Jean arrives to discuss business. Of course the Canadian Mountie is in on it! They’re going to frame Agent Cooper. :(

Sheriff Harry awakes to a noise and Josie comes falling into his place, sort of hurt. On their fishing expedition, Agent Cooper speaks with the Major about Bob, “there are ways to resist darkness,” he informs him. He also asks him if he’s ever heard of the White Lodge? Agent Cooper has to urinate before that can be explained which probably means it won’t be. The owls are watching! There’s a blinding white light and Major Briggs is taken by an unknown entity.


Episode 18: “Masked Ball”

James is driving around on his motorcycle like he’s born to be wild or some shit. Major’s wife Betty is at the station saying he’s disappeared before, “Confidentially, he talks about them constantly.” So aliens, yes? Too classified to say more. Dougie Milford is getting married again and it seems everyone is going to the wedding. Gordon Cole calls from Oregon to offer his support in the investigation of Agent Cooper.

Agent Roger Hardy is in the midst of said investigation with notes on his fancy Apple laptop. He’s suspicious because Agent Cooper won’t defend himself and starts talking all “Twin Peaks” at him, confusing him utterly.

Wouldn't you like to know?

Wouldn’t you like to know?

At school, Nadine asks Donna if she’s going out with Mike still because she thinks he’s interested in her which I just assume means he’ll be broken in half soon. James drives to Wallies Hide-Out, orders a beer, and a woman starts hitting on him. Her name is Evelyn Marsh and she wants to have her husband’s Jaguar fixed before he gets home. He agrees to work on it. This should be interesting.

Andy leaves flowers for Lucy, when Dick walks in with his new “charge,” and poor Andy is all, “why didn’t *I* think of that?!” Agent Cooper asks Hawk and Harry if they heard about the White Lodge. Hawk says the spirits that rule man and nature reside there, it’s a local legend. Getting even more complicated, The Black Lodge is where every spirit must pass through to perfection. “You’ll meet your own shadow self there,” he says. And then!

David Duchovny, why won't you love me?

David Duchovny, why won’t you love me?

The previously discussed Agent Dennis Bryson walks in… and is David Duchovny. She prefers to go by Denise. “Ok,” says Cooper. Awesome.

At school, Nadine cozies up to Mike and gets invited to join the wrestling team by another teacher. I guess word hasn’t spread about what happened at cheerleading tryouts. Josie is being nursed back to health but Harry and he insists on answers. She totally murdered that other dude, right? Thomas Eckhardt is a man she used to work for who also apparently took her off the streets when she was younger. She believes he is responsible for Andrew’s death.

Agent Hardy gets some pie at the R&R, Hank returns with Ernie and Norma tells him her mom went home. The charge, Nick, is being a snot to both Andy and Dick. James fixing the car for Evelyn’s husband Jeffrey. He’s going to stay there while the job gets done. Uh huh.


At the hotel, Benjamin is watching old home movies when Hank arrives to get chewed out about Catherine still being alive. Except Hank’s all “HA! You can’t tell me what to do anymore, you no longer own One Eyed Jacks!” Benjamin really has no possible retort and so he starts making shadow puppets.

Wyndum Earle has sent Agent Cooper a new note with letters/numbers for his latest chess move, along with a tape. “The King Must Die,” he says, ominously. At Dougie’s wedding, his brother objects because of reasons.



The Log Lady is also at the affair, which makes it extra special. Denise catches the bouquet and tells Agent Cooper she found cocaine residue on his car, knows it looks like a frame, but is in a tight spot unless there’s new evidence. Agent Cooper asks Denise about her change and she explains she had to dress as a transvestite on an undercover job and well, she liked it. Agent Cooper gets a dance with Audrey, Andy dances with Denise. Ahh, joy.

Josie meets with Catherine to try and tell her the truth and that she’s in danger, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Josie has nothing and needs her help and boy, does Catherine take advantage of that. From now on she’ll work for Catherine as a maid. Ok, ok, fine. She leaves and who should enter the room? OH SHIT ANDREW IS STILL ALIVE! “Everything is going exactly as we planned.” They’re going to wait for Eckhardt to come looking for Josie. “We’ll be waiting for him.” Just when you thought this plot couldn’t get any thicker…

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