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Twin Peaks Newbie Recap: “The Last Evening” & “May the Giant Be with You”


TwinPeaksS1Ep7In which everyone dies. Probably.

Before I get started, let me just note I didn’t realize I was already up to the Season 1 finale. I also didn’t realize the Season 2 premiere was extra long. Suffice to say I stayed up later than I normally would and this recap may reflect that. :)

Episode 7: “The Last Evening”

We pick up where we left off. At Dr. Jacoby’s office, Donnna/James search around a bit and find little drink umbrellas marked with dates and places which I guess is an interesting thing to collect. But then they find the coconut, necklace, and the missing tape. Jacoby is still busy spying on Maddy when he gets clobbered by a masked man. Dead? Maybe? Hard to tell.

Back at One Eyed Jack’s, Agent Cooper is still playing cards with Jacques when he slides over the broken chip. He claims to be a friend of Leo’s but Jacques tries to play dumb. In the back, Blacky is doing a tarot reading as Audrey gets dressed for her new job. She happens to see Agent Cooper on the security feed but has no moves to make just yet. Jacques and Agent Cooper sit down for a quiet chat – “I can spot a card counter,” says Jacques, so Cooper lays the cards on the table, as it were. He brings up the cabin, talks like the bird, and pretends to be the bank of Leo’s operation. He asks Jacques to meet at the water processing plant for a special job but before he goes, Jacques gives him a mouthful of what went down in the cabin. Waldo landed on Laura’s shoulder as she was tied up, Leo was “doing a number on her” and well it’s all pretty gross and I thought for sure Agent Cooper was going to lay him out right there.

Shelley is busy washing her hair in sink when Leo sneaks up and drags her off. Sheriff Harry and Andy are at the water plant waiting for Jacques and the crew is using ridiculous fishing terms for the whole mission. They arrest Jacques but he manages to grab one of the cop’s guns and… Andy saves the day!! His work at the shooting range actually paid off!

TwinPeaksS1Ep7cBack at Donna’s house, they listen to the tape where Laura says “James is so dumb” among other things. Awkward. Laura also says the “mystery man” can “really light my F.I.R.E.” and mentions a red corvette. Meanwhile, Leo is setting up for arson at mill and has tied Shelley up there with a timer and in town, Nadine is setting up a romantic night for her and Big Ed? Oh, dear, she’s committing suicide.

Josie pays Hank $90,000 from a deal they had before he went to prison. Ohhh, he killed her husband… and actually went to prison for vehicular manslaughter instead? He then gets super weird and grabs her hand and forces some kind of blood oath on her.

TennantTastePeter finds Catherine freaking out about the ledger and she asks him if he’s working with Josie. They reminisce about their romance and have a nice little moment which really isn’t all that nice because Catherine is still horrible. Back at the police station, the crew is recounting the events and Lucy hears about Andy’s heroism. They are totally close to doing it in the kitchen when… SHE’S PREGNANT! I KNEW IT!


Oh, sorry, Andy…

Bobby calls the police pretending he’s Leo, telling them to check James’ bike while Agent Cooper and Sheriff Harry are questioning Jacques in hospital. He tells them more about the night Laura was murdered, saying he and Leo got into a fight, he bled, passed out, and when he woke up Ronette, Laura, and Leo were gone. Oh look! Jacoby isn’t dead! He actually had a heart attack while he was clobbered. Peter and Catherine are still searching for the missing ledger but there’s a phone call from Hank telling her it’s near the mill. And well I guess everybody on this show has access to a gun because Catherine takes one before heading out. Hank chatting up Norma at R&R by telling her it’s been 20 years they’ve been together. And UGH she kisses him! Big Ed comes home to find Nadine in her pretty dress, out cold.

Lucy relays the “Leo” message, says she heard a recognizable park clock so the team intends to take a look but James arrives to talk to Agent Cooper. He gives him the tape they found and says he’s looking for the red corvette. But just then Harry finds the drugs in James’ bike and Leland arrives asking for answers. He heads to hospital when he hears that’s where the possible suspect is being held.

The real estate contract is finally being signed with the Icelanders at One Eyed Jack’s when Hank calls Benjamin to let him know Leo is getting a “house call” soon. Bobby is actually now at Leo’s looking for Shelley but Leo is waiting for him. This is some horror movie shit!

Bobby the Scream Queen

Bobby the Scream Queen

Leo has an ax and is swinging it wildly in Bobby’s direction but just as it looks like he’s going to chop something off, a shot comes through the window and hits Leo. It was Hank. Hank is literally everywhere. Leo dies (?) while watching Invitation to Love. But who will save Shelley?? Oh. Catherine. She doesn’t seem to think it’s at all odd there’s a woman she doesn’t know tied up there and decides to wave her gun around and do some thinking while the place literally goes up in flames.

At the hospital, Leland sets off the fire alarm and goes to find Jacques. Annnnnnd kills him. People have now started collecting at the mill and Peter intends to save Catherine, “she’s still my wife.” He takes a fire extinguisher with him. At Jack’s the papers are officially signed, the mill will be Ghostwood Estates and Country Club in the future. Benjamin is of course the boss of Jack’s and Audrey is getting a giant card fitting on her by what appears to be Igor???


Agent Cooper is back at the hotel and gets Audrey’s note but is interrupted reading it by a phone call from Andy trying to tell him about Leo being shot. He then opens door for room service but is shot 3 times by someone who is definitely not room service. Good thing he’s wearing a bullet proof vest.

TwinPeaksS1Ep7b–Season 2–

Episode 8:”May the Giant Be with You”

“I am filled with questions,” says the Log Lady today. Yeah, well, SO AM I!

TwinPeaksS1Ep8Agent Cooper is bleeding from at least one of his wounds when room service arrives. Room service. An old man who will haunt my nightmares til the end of my days. Not joking in the least here. As Agent Cooper lies there bleeding, obviously in need of assistance, this man hangs up the phone with the police on the other end and then… has Agent Cooper sign for his room service. This is terrifying. Horrifying. “I heard about you,” the man says and then LEAVES!

RoomServiceAnd then continues to come back into the room several times to give Agent Cooper a thumbs up and seriously so much anxiety her I cannot even describe.

But it’s ok because the Ghost of Lurch arrives just then, telling Agent Cooper three important things — 1.) There is a man in a smiling bag. 2.) The owls are not what they seem. 3.) Without chemicals, he points.

TennantWhatUm, so then Lurch asks Agent Cooper give him his ring and says, “I will return it to you when you find these things to be true” and also “We want to help you.” Oh he also gives him a tip about Leo locked inside a hungry horse?

Welp, we’ve kicked it up a notch. And now I’m pretty convinced the mountain fresh air is infused with drugs of some kind.

At One Eyed Jack’s, Benjamin is hungry for a good time and has no idea Audrey is the one he’s going for. Brother Jerry arrives at the club, Blacky says he’s holding out on her but she’s looking like she’s got a bit of a habit and sure enough, he gives her drugs. Audrey is doing her best to get HER DAD to leave and grabs a mask that happened to be decorating the wall to cover her face. THIS IS SO UNBELIEVABLY CREEPY. So far Season 2 is making me uncomfortable in all sorts of ways. Luckily, Jerry knocks on their door in the knick of time.

Agent Cooper talking to Diane without recorder in hand but… voice activation was turned on! We find out a wood tick had him fold his bullet proof vest up, which is why he was shot in the gut. He rambles on for a bit talking about how being shot really isn’t all that bad, keeping the fear from your mind and… the Lindbergh kidnapping case. Just then, the calvary arrives! The tick he was searching for was killed by one of the bullets! HAHAHA. Anyway, they bring Agent Cooper up to date with what’s happened that night — Leo shot, Jacques killed, Nadine in a coma, Catherine and Josie missing, the mill burned, and Peter and Shelley have smoke inhalation.

TakeInMrDRonette Polaski sort of wakes up while having horrible flashbacks to her ordeal and at Laura’s house, Maddy and Sarah discuss her mom for a bit. Maddy had a dream about the rug…. and what the fuck? Leland now has white hair. And he’s singing “Mairzy Doats.” Ok. Maddy has a vision of the carpet dirty with blood? Seriously, everyone needs to get out of this town.

Benjamin and Jerry are at the hotel looking for Catherine when Leland shows up singing the same song and… Benjamin and Jerry decide to dance around with him. My, my what a mood murder and arson will put you in. At Leo’s, Agent Cooper goes through the scene, Hawk finds more Flesh World (surprise!), and Leo’s jacket smells like gasoline. FBI Agent Rosenfeld arrives (boo!) and Andy smacks himself silly with a loose board and I lose my shit for a good five minutes.


This scene went on much longer than it had any right to and I am so thankful.

Of course there’s evidence under the board, so once again Andy gets a win.

At the R&R Donna comes to meet Maddy to pick up Laura’s sunglasses and she’s acting a little weird. In fact, it almost seems like she’s acting like Audrey. Maddy hates her regular glasses and straight up breaks them saying, she’s never wearing them again. Ok, now that we’ve got that established. Norma gives Donna a note that came for her, “Look into the meals on wheels,” it reads. Meanwhile, the Log Lady sits alone at another table, spits out her gum and sticks it on the wall. Magical.

Rosenfeld is actually back in town investigating Agent Cooper’s shooting. Andy informs everyone that Leo was in a jail in Hungry Horse, Montana on the date Teresa Banks went missing. And the one armed man is back! He’s there to see Sheriff Harry, to sell him some shoes. James tells Sheriff Harry he thinks the red corvette is a different person, and mentions a whole light my fire, scary poem story from Laura. She told him, “would you like to play with fire, little boy? would you like to play with Bob?” Agent Cooper asks him for the necklace, which they apparently didn’t find on him when they brought him in to stay in jail overnight. Donna arrives at the jail… DON’T ANY OF THESE KIDS GO TO SCHOOL ANYMORE… to visit James. He’s curious as to why she’s suddenly smoking and they share an awkward kiss. Speaking of awkward, Agent Cooper sits Andy and Lucy down to go through Flesh World back issues looking for Teresa Banks.

At the hospital, Dr. Hayward thinks Jacoby is on something, which I mean, isn’t he always? Agent Cooper shows him the necklace and he says he followed Leo that night but lost him, saw James’ motorcycle go by and the kids go into the woods and simply followed. He says Laura was living a double life but the last time he saw her she had reached a peace. He thinks she wanted to die. Not suicide but perhaps she allowed herself to be killed? Jacoby remembers the fire alarm and a peculiar smell. Like scorched engine oil.

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

Bobby goes to the hospital, brings Shelley flowers, and the two discuss Leo. It’s not clear if they know he’s alive or not. And the Bobby cops a feel. Shelley says, “I love you” to which Bobby replies, “I guess… I love you too.” -.- The police catch up with Big Ed who tells the sad love triangle of his life. Norma ran away with Hank, so he ran away with Nadine, but Norma didn’t sleep with Hank so then he felt like a dummy but he married Nadine anyway and then SHOT HER EYE OUT.

ShootYourEyeOutAnd Rosenfeld is quietly laughing/crying about the whole thing which you can’t really blame him for. Agent Cooper sees what he believes is a “smiling bag” and Norma, visiting Shelley, sees Big Ed with Nadine.

At the R&R Bobby finds his father, who oddly enough, asks about school. Apparently he’s still going in between all this mischief. Bobby asks about his work, “that’s classified” he says. He then goes on to tell Bobby about a vision of a large house with a bright light, Bobby was there, living a life of deep harmony…zzzzzzz…. oh I’m sorry I kind of tuned out there. He wishes him the best, shakes his hand, and leaves as if that’s the lats time they’ll see each other. Bobby realizes Hank was the one who shot Leo.

Police station goes over all of the timeline so far. And we find out there was a third man involved who took the girls to the train car. Andy is crying looking at a picture of Laura and Rosenfeld makes fun of him but Andy takes a stand. Lucy is pleased. <3

Sheriff Harry drives Peter back home and both are wondering where Josie is. A note says she had to leave on an emergency on business to Seattle. Peter says this is normal, that she goes once every three months or so to go shopping. Catherine still hasn’t been found but an Asian man at the hotel calls for Josie. Not finding her, he calls Hong Kong. The plot thickens! Also at the hotel, Benjamin and Jerry find Hank waiting for them. They ask where Josie is and he tells them she left last night wanted to put space between her and the smell of smoke. Leo is officially not dead but in a coma.


Ya think?

Audrey is still at One Eyed Jack’s only now because the owner was “disappointed” in her, she’s being kept in a locked room with a guard. Donna calls Norma about meals on wheels, saying she’ll take up Laura’s rounds. Then we head to the Hayward residence for a mock supper club night.


I’m sorry, who??

Uhh, apparently there’s another sister suddenly and she’s a fairy princess or something. At least Harriet is back! She reads a poem she wrote about Laura and Gersten does some piano playing. Leland is asked about the mill and Benjamin’s plans but more importantly, Dr. Hayward asks about his hair. Leland is all “whatevs!” and desperately wants to sing. Gersten plays him a rendition of “Get Happy” but he starts singing faster and faster until he collapses.

Agent Cooper is finally back in bed, telling Diane “I thought I saw a giant.” In another bed, Audrey is praying for her special agent to come help her. And Lurch is back. He tells Agent Cooper, “One person saw the third man” and that he forgot something and then a straigh up magic ball of light goes into Agent Cooper. At the hospital, Ronette wakes violently, remembering Bob and the events of the train car.

TwinPeaksS1Ep8fI want my mommy.

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