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Twin Peaks Newbie Recap: “Rest in Pain” and “The One-Armed Man”


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Episode 3: “Rest in Pain”

I’m still watching the Log Lady intros with each episode but they always leave me so lost for words I probably won’t comment on them most of the time. Fear not – they are enjoyed.

Audrey is patiently waiting for Agent Cooper who asks her to join him for breakfast and then compliments her perfume. Be careful there, Coop. “Write your name down for me,” he requests, to compare her handwriting to that of the note slipped under his door. Sure enough, it was from Audrey. During their conversation she reveals Laura worked at Horn’s department store at the perfume counter – so did Ronnette. Then Agent Cooper tells her her handwriting indicates a heart that yearns and to be careful. Uh huh. We all see how you look at her.

Sheriff Harry and Lucy arrive, desperate to know who killed Laura considering Agent Cooper told them he knew the answer. He doesn’t. “Let me tell you about the dream,” he says instead. No. Nope. Nope. Let’s not and say we did. Long story short he says, “Break the code, solve the crime.” They’re called away to the morgue where a fight is breaking out between Dr. Hayward and Agent Rosenfeld. Hayward insists they must have the body for the funeral but Rosenfeld isn’t done with his forensics work yet. And then he goes and insults Sheriff Harry again who punches him right onto Laura. Agent Cooper sides with the doc and Sheriff. Who needs forensics, he’s had a dream!

TwinPeaksS1Ep3bLeeland is being medicated at home when who should arrive but his niece, Madeline… who is a dead ringer for Laura. This should make things interesting. At the R&R, Hank’s parole officer meets with Norma and tries to flirt. She reminds him why her husband is in jail. Yeah, dude, that was a dumb move. Sheriff Harry and Agent Cooper ask Leo some questions as he chops wood with a very large ax. *collar yank* And following in the show’s tradition of uncomfortable family moments, Bobby and his dad have a father/son talk. Dad talks about their responsibility to the dead while Bobby plays with fire and says he can’t wait for the funeral. Charming. Hate him.

Agent Rosenfeld gives results of his tests – Laura had coke in her system, two kinds of  twine on her wrists (Agent Cooper has a flashback to his dream where Laura’s “cousin” said “sometimes my arms bend back”), industrial soap, animal bites/claw marks, and a small plastic fragment in stomach which had the letter J on it. Oh and by the way, he’s totally going to file a report on the assault by Sheriff Harry. Agent Cooper tells him in no uncertain terms that he will not. And then leaves notes for Diane to check his pension options and help him look for real estate.

Some time in the night, Nadine and Big Ed made love.

WatsonDanceShe thought we’d like to know. She’s also really, really happy about it. We also get a little backstory here and find out Norma and Big Ed were high school sweethearts. She’s apparently so high on her sex life she forgets who James is. Luckily he walks in the door the next second to say he can’t go to funeral. Meanwhile, at the Horn residence, Audrey goes into secret passage to listen/watch her parents, Dr. Jacobi, and her brother Johnny.

At Laura’s funeral James shows anyway, of course, and the occasion is a solemn one until Johnny screams out “AMEN!” at the end of the prayer and Bobby decides to do the same. “You hypocrites make me sick, everyone knew she was in trouble but we didn’t do anything,” he screams and the tells James he’s a dead man. Leland jumps on Laura’s coffin in a fit of grief.

Later, Shelley is at the R&R relating the coffin story to customers and laughing about it. Lovely. Then Big Ed, Hawk, and Sheriff Harry decide to have a special meeting with Agent Cooper. They tell him they’ve been following drugs from across the boarder for six months. Ed relays his story of being slipped a mickey at the Roadhouse and says they think the bartender there might be middle man. And then they tell him, “Twin Peaks is different.”

YouDontSayCageThey go on to say there’s a “sort of evil out there,” that things are strange in these old woods. There’s a darkness. A presence. And it’s been around as long as anyone can remember and they are the ones who fight it. They are part of a secret society. Ohhh the secret face thing. That’s what that was all about. They call themselves…


The Book House Boys also includes James and Joey Paulson who currently have Bernard Renault tied up. He just came across border with cocaine. and they ask hjm questions about his brother, Jacques Renault. He plays dumb but soon enough there’s some sort of light code at the Roadhouse and Jacques calls Leo to warn him something is up. Guess what? Shelley bought a gun! A fancy, girly, mother of pearl gun no less.

Josie and Sheriff Harry have a talk where she says something horrible is going to happen and lets him know Catherine and Benjamin Horn want to hurt her. But of course Catherine is listening on intercom and hears Josie telling him all about the books in the safe. Except Catherine already took the shady one after having suspicions something was up between Josie and Pete and has her own hiding spot for it. But I think Pete sees where she hid it. Josie expresses fears she’ll be killed too, just like her husband.

Agent Cooper is waiting near Laura’s grave at the cemetery. Dr. Jacobi shows up with flowers to show his affection. And a cape.

Hawk and Agent Cooper have a discussion about souls in which Hawk says he believes in “many souls.” This conversation is interrupted by poor Leland desperately looking for a dance partner. Hawk and Cooper take him home.

Episode 4: “The One-Armed Man”

Log Lady says the “battle is drawing nigh.” Uh oh, we’re all fucked.

Sing it, sister.

Sing it, sister.

At the Palmer house, Andy is sketching the mystery man (aka Bob) Sarah saw in her vision. She also mentions visions of the necklace being buried and Donna is all, “oh shit.” I’m beginning to wonder about this “Invitation to Love” show which always seems to be on.

Back at the police station we learn Lucy and Andy are shagging, since he complains she didn’t let him stay the night. Dr. Jacobi is doing magic tricks for Agent Cooper… in front of a giant map of Tibet. “Laura had seeeeeecretssssss” he says, but can’t divulge any of them because of doctor/patient confidentiality. When Cooper asks specifically if she talked about James or Bobby, Jacobi replies, “They’re boys, she was a woman.” And no, for the record, he didn’t have sex with her. However, he does give a lead on a man in a corvette. Leo drives a red corvette!

Agent Cooper’s supervisor calls with more forensics details. It was bird bites on Laura’s shoulder OH AND JERK FACE ROSENFELD DID FILE A REPORT ON SHERIFF HARRY. He wants his badge. Andy brings the sketch to Agent Cooper who recognizes him as the man from his dream and says this was exactly why he didn’t go to the Palmer house for the drawing – “I’m a strong sender.” How did this man get in the FBI? Oh hey, Hawk found the one-armed man!

Turns out he’s staying at the Timber Falls motel, where Josie is on stakeout. See, Catherine is there with Benjamin and tells him all about the cooked book and where she hid it. Like, in great detail. So I’m sure that won’t be a problem later.



No like, what? It’s literally his penis, right? They couldn’t say penis because it would be too dirty or something? WHY DOES THIS MAN CARRY AROUND A TINY ELVIS? Anyway, he dropped a poker chip from One Eyed Jack’s so Catherine knows what’s up.

Next door, Hawk, Sheriff Harry, Andy, and Agent Cooper knock on Mr. Gerard’s door. Andy takes out his gun and proceeds to drop it on the ground where it goes off.

BritneySadAnyway, they rush into Mr. Gerard’s room and when questioned he claims he doesn’t know the pictured man. Though he does have a friend named Bob, Bob Lydecker is his best friend actually, and he’s the local veterinarian. Mr. Gerard is a shoe salesman and tells the group he lost his arm in car accident. When pressed on whether or not he had a tattoo on that arm, he breaks down and cries. The tattoo read “Mom.”

Donna and Audrey have a brief hang out in the high school bathroom, smoking and fixing makeup, like you do. They decide to lay the Laura cards on the table and tell all. Then they decide they’re going to solve the crime together and this is just the best news. At the prison Hank implores Norma to help him at the parole hearing and she obliges by telling them she can give him a job at the diner. And then we head to the Lyedecker vet.


While Shelley is making time with Bobby, she tells him about Jacques. Then he tells her about the drug run. Then she shows him Leo’s bloody shirt. And her new gun which she rubs on her body. Bobby has a brilliant idea and runs off. Andy tells Agent Cooper he’s been feeling high strung and hasn’t used his weapon. Like ever. Well, we shoot shoot some shit! Agent Cooper’s weapon, by the way, is standard issue but with modifications he made himself. At the gun range they talk about their lady problems. “Women were drawn from a different set of blueprints.” LOL, ain’t that the truth??? What about Agent Cooper? How’s he with the women-folk? Well, you see, he knew commitment once… and the pain of a broken heart.



*slowly backs away*

Meanwhile, Shelly and Norma talk boy troubles. They have two men a piece, isn’t it just the worst? They decide to have a day of beauty. I’d rather they went to the shooting range considering their current predicaments. Oh yeah, Hank got his parole.

In the diner, James is talking to Donna on the phone when he spots Laura-lookalike Madeline, Laura’s cousin. She mentions they’d pretend they were sisters when she came to visit years ago. This… I’m curious to know where this is gonna go. Benjamin Horn is exercising and talking Icelandic funding when Audrey drops by to say, “are you ashamed of me?” She pretends to be interested in the family business in order to get a job at their department store as part of her Hardy Boys plan with Donna. The cosmetics counter, naturally.

More forensics from the FBI – the plastic thing in Laura’s stomach was a poker chip from One Eyed Jack’s. The plot thickens even further! Also they find out the specific type of bird that bit her and they know from vet records Jacques owns that particular bird. Sheriff Harry shows up at Jacques’ apartment to find him just as Bobby is slipping out of the place having left Leo’s shirt. Leo is busy meeting Benjamin and apparently killed the fuck out of Bernard. Hank apparently recommended Leo to Benjamin, who says he was in business with “glue-sniffing squish heads,” which just about sums it up. Benjamin decides to hire him for the arson job.

Donna and James go to find the necklace they buried and of course don’t find it. Donna relates the time Laura told her her mom saw things, and apparently Laura did too. OH LOOK AN OWL.

OwlStareSheriff Harry calls Josie trying to find out why she was at the motel earlier but she avoids the question because Pete is there. Pete asks her to fish with him and she accepts. Pretty sure she’s going to regret that. Josie gets a letter in the mail with a drawing of a domino… the same domino Hank had in prison. He calls her just then and… is sucking on it.

Until next week!

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