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The First and Last Frames of TV Shows Give Us All the Feels

Regardless of whether you remained a fan throughout the show’s run, or thought entire seasons were missteps, series finales are basically designed to give you the feels. In this video, you’ll get the feels from several shows at once, as it shows you the first frame and last frame of some popular TV shows. *NOTE: I hadn’t ever watched several of these shows, but didn’t consider the images spoilers. Be that as it may, use your own judgement. Read no further if you don’t want descriptions of the endings of Mad Men, Lost, or Breaking Bad*

Edited by Celia Gomez, this video was inspired by Jacob T. Swinney’s First and Final Frame videos that he did for film. Gomez decided to give television similar treatment.

The ones that were particularly stirring for me were the ones where the events of the series come full circle in single images. Mad Men opens on the back of Don Draper’s head as he’s wrestling with an ad problem, and closes on Don Draper’s face, at peace, having (apparently) created one of the greatest ads of all time. Lost starts with a close-up of Jack’s eye as it pops open, and ends with Jack’s eye closing. Breaking Bad starts with Walter White’s pants flying through the air only to land on the road and be run over by a trailer, and ends with Walt himself prone on a concrete floor in what could be seen as a happy ending or a depressing ending depending on who you are.

And then there are shows where it was clear that their last episode wasn’t necessarily intended to be their last episode. The first and last images of Hannibal and Rome each feel that way. [cry your “Fannibal” tears here]

Which of these shows had your favorite final image, and which shows had endings you would include in a “Part 2” of this video series. Let’s talk awesome TV endings in the comments below!

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