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Introducing the Lady Knights of Tumblr


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Tumblr user dogbomber (called Sean Ng in the non-Tumblr world), threw together this lady knight randomizer (warning for extremely flashy gifs) to encourage illustrators across Tumblr to get their design on and come up with a wide variety of lady knights. Take a screenshot of the randomizer, or do the click-‘n’-drag familiar to all Tumblr users, and draw based on the prompts that you get. It could be an axe-wielding, bottom-heavy, serious, Native American lady knight with snake influences, or a vain Japanese knight a plump build, a pet bull, and a shield… you get the idea. Ng drew some of the knights he got, and other artists took up the challenge as well.

My only regret right now is my complete inability to draw.

(via io9)

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