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Want to Win a Free T-Shirt of Your Choice? Make a Caption for This Picture


You guys like shirts, right? You know, that thing you drape over the back of your chair because you only wore it for four hours that day and really can’t warrant throwing it in the laundry already? But then you just leave it draped over your chair for days and keep leaning against it because you use your chair quite frequently, and the it eventually gets wrinkled and dirty enough to the point where you just decide to throw it in the laundry anyway? You want a free one? was awesome enough to provide us with five t-shirt giveaways, just for you! All you have to do is create a caption for the above picture and drop it into the comment section of this post, and we’ll choose the winner, judging the caption on a combination of creativity and relevance to the picture. They have some nice shirts over there, including these superhero t-shirts, so you should take the minute and try your hand at a caption.

As mentioned above, we’ll be choosing winners based on caption creativity, but also the caption’s relevance to the picture. So, while it may be creative to write about how aliens are hovering out of the scene above the lady and are planning world domination, that’s not particularly relevant to the picture.

In order for us to choose the winners, you’ll need to provide us with a way to contact you, so using one of the available commenter accounts that our comment system provides that has an attached email address would be ideal. If not, we can just reply to your comment, and you’ll have to check back to see if you’ve won and leave us an email address afterward.

Winners are U.S. only, due to shipping concerns. We’ll let it run for a week or so then contact the winners. Good luck!

Thanks to for the giveaway!

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