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New Low: In the Midst of a Global Pandemic, Trump Says U.S. Will Exit the World Health Organization

And sanction Hong Kong
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As the global death toll of coronavirus continues to rise and as parts of America are literally on fire as citizens protest racist police violence, Donald Trump took decisive action today by announcing that the US will terminate its partnership with the World Health Organization.

Yes, that’s right. During a historic pandemic that threatens people across the globe, at a time when coronavirus cases are increasing in Africa, Latin America, and many lesser-developed nations, Donald Trump is pulling the US’s support for the organization that has been at the forefront of the global fight against COVID-19.

There are many words that can describe such an action taken at such a specific moment, but the most fitting is evil.

This is evil on every level. It’s not just the action, it’s the fact that Trump made this announcement in a press conference where he made no mention of the current unrest in Minneapolis, Louisville or other cities, or his on-going war with social media. He refused to take questions on the decisions (it isn’t a “press conference” if you refuse to take questions from the press.) and tied the announcement to another, regarding Hong Kong, which explains all of this.

In response to China asserting greater control over Hong Kong, Trump is striking back, declaring that Hong Kong will no longer be recognized as separate from China. In what he says is retaliation for a power grab by Beijing, Trump will end Hong Kong’s special customs status and sanction leaders from Hong Kong and Beijing.

Practically, this is a huge move that drastically changes things for the people of Hong Kong. The city has thrived as a global financial center, but removing special protections and status, the sort which for instance allows Americans to travel to Hong Kong without a visa, is massive. To be clear, this in no way helps Hong Kong. It hurts them. But Trump wants to regard Hong Kong as part of China and thus, treat them as body as he would any other Chinese power.

This is not a movie intended in any way to help the people of Hong Kong, who have been protesting for months over increased influence and oppression from Beijing and the disintegration of the promise of “one country, two systems.” Donald Trump does not care one bit about democracy or protesters or people dying. He cares only about himself. All of this is Trump’s attempt to move the blame for the coronavirus pandemic off himself and onto China, and punish China and anyone close to them.

Trump is endangering millions of people with this act. Not only might this cripple the WHO, but it will also neither help nor support the people of Hong Kong. This, like most everything Donald Trump does, in an act of cruelty rooted in racism, narcissism, and a complete lack of personal accountability.

While Americans suffer, while Black people are killed, while cities burn, remember that Donald Trump used his power and to encourage violence and turn away from those in need and point the blame away from himself. Remember and vote.

(via: NPR Image: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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