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Donald Trump’s Racist, Fascist Rally Should Terrify You

The crowd chanted "Send her back" as Trump looked on approvingly.

Donald Trump pumps his fists as he arrives for a "Make America Great Again" rally

At a campaign rally in North Carolina last night, Donald Trump and his supporters found a new enemy. The usual chants of “lock her up!”–because nearly three years after being elected, Trump still hasn’t given up his love of vilifying Hillary Clinton—were replaced with “send her back!”

The chants began when Trump mentioned Rep. Ilhan Omar and the crowd of thousands responded by calling for the president to illegally deport a sitting Congresswoman who has broken no laws, who’s done nothing but criticize his leadership and rebuff his racist attacks on her. And Trump didn’t just allow these chants; he encouraged them.

This is not just bigotry on parade (although it is most definitely that as well); this was a terrifying display of fascism. That’s not hyperbole—that’s what it was, according to historians and scholars of fascism.

This isn’t a new concern and both historians and scared voters have been aware of the parallels between Trump’s rhetoric and past fascist leaders since basically the day his campaign started.

This rally came right on the heels of a ridiculous spectacle in Congress where the House voted to officially condemn Trump’s racist tweets, and Republicans responded by trying to censure Nancy Pelosi on the grounds that there is apparently a rule in place prohibiting a lawmaker from calling the president racist. Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II of Missouri, who was presiding at the time, dropped his gavel and walked out. He accused House members of not acting in good faith, saying they “want to just fight.”

Eric Swalwell had a similarly remarkable moment on the House floor.

I’m glad Swalwell is out of the Presidential race, but that video made my respect for him jump by about a million percent. Trump is spewing racist hate online, to reporters, and at rallies, and working as hard as he can to amass a fascist dictatorship. To hell with decorum.

(image: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

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