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Tron: The Next Day is Probably Not A Teaser for Tron 3


A 10-minute Tron short was released online with a story that filled in what happened between Tron and Tron: Legacy. Featuring unused footage from the latter, everyone is wondering if it’s an extended version of a 3-minute short that is set to appear as an easter egg on the Tron: Legacy DVD (expected in April). Some rumors held that the short would be a possible teaser for a third Tron movie. (No such movie has been officially announced or green-lit, though there’s been a lot of speculation despite Tron: Legacy‘s performance in theaters.)

Before watching, this video does include spoilers, we guess, about the ending of Tron: Legacy. But trust us, you won’t really be ruining your experience. The best way to enjoy Legacy is with your brain out to lunch.

(/film via io9)

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