Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in love in Ghosted

Chris Evans as the Love Interest to Ana de Armas’ Badass Action Hero? I’m IN

When you think of celebrities who love working together, the genres and pairings range. You have your romantic duos of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere or Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. You have actors who love to come back together time and time again or directors using the same actors in their work. What is rare is two actors who worked with each other in one genre just following each other to another but that’s the pull that Ana de Armas and Chris Evans have.

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The two who first captivated us together in Rian Johnson’s Knives Out went on to work together with the Russo Brothers in The Gray Man. Now all that has led to Ghosted, a film by Dexter Fletcher (Eddie the Eagle, Rocketman), that promises us Evans and de Armas in love … and with Evans as a classic damsel figure!? The trailer for the new movie dropped and fans were gifted with what looked like a perfect little rom-com with an action twist that is exciting for them both!

Ghosted is described as follows, via Apple TV: “Salt-of-the-earth Cole falls head over heels for enigmatic Sadie — but then makes the shocking discovery that she’s a secret agent. Before they can decide on a second date, Cole and Sadie are swept away on an international adventure to save the world.”

This trailer gives us a few things. One being the information that in this movie, Chris Evans is not an action hero like we’ve come to know him. No, instead, his character Cole is out of his element with his badass maybe-girlfriend Sadie (de Armas) and I love it.

Chris Evans, damsel in distress

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in love in Ghosted
(Apple TV+)

It is so natural to see an action movie and think “okay, Evans is clearly going to be shooting guys and punching bad guys.” We think this for a number of reasons and Evans has, for the most part, been playing against that type since ending his run as Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Knives Out, fans wanted him to be innocent because we love him and it was a real “if bad why hot” situation for a lot of people when it came to his character of Ransom Drysdale. But it also started to push back at this “idea” of Chris Evans.

He’s funny and charming in pretty much everything he’s done but we got to see what his “bad guy” side would look like in Knives Out. Then we saw that further explored in The Gray Man because Lloyd was not someone you’d want on your side. Evans feels like he’s pushing against type in a great way with his choice of roles and seeing him as an almost helpless romantic foil to de Armas kicking ass is a great change to the norm.

The two seem to start the movie as a regular couple, getting coffee together and having a great time.

Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in love in Ghosted
(Apple TV)

And then when he is “ghosted” by her, he’s encourage by his mother (Amy Sedaris) to go and get her and he does. By going to London and realizing that the girl he likes is actually a secret agent and can and will beat him up. Seeing Evans fall flat on his face, not knowing how to fight anyone, and just be a fish out of water was delightfully jarring. Because Captain America is bad at things! It rules!

Promo materials get it

Poster for Chris Evans and Ana de Armas in love in Ghosted
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Look, this movie would be great on paper with anyone behind it because it’s changing the formula. We don’t have to see a woman falling and being stuck running after her strong secret service agent boyfriend. That alone is great. But having Ana de Armas, known badass, have to cart around Captain America because he can’t fight? That’s an extra level of amazing for me.

Having Dexter Fletcher behind this movie was enough to have me interested. His movie Rocketman is one of my all-time favorites so I trust him and his work. But adding Evans and de Armas to the mix? I’m in. Ghosted hits Apple TV+ on April 21st and I need it!

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