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New Trailer for Carl(a), Starring Transgender Actresses Laverne Cox and Joslyn DeFreece

Carl(a) is film starring trans actresses Joslyn DeFreece and Laverne Cox that first came out in 2011. Director Eli Hershko and producer Lilly Cadoch partnered with Indiegogo earlier this year to give the film new life, with Cox’s fame and the growing awareness around transgender issues. The film’s synopsis reads:

Carl(a), starring Joslyn DeFreece and Laverne Cox, is the story of a trans woman who is being dejected from her family while seeking the means to complete her transition. Carla (DeFreece) meets Sam, a man who loves her for who she is, but when Carla gets the funds to complete her transition sam has second thoughts about their relationship. Now Carla must choose between being herself, or being some she wasn’t for someone else.

Now, Carl(a) is going to select theaters nationwide on December 10th, and has released a new trailer (above).

This MSNBC article from earlier this year talks about how Hersko was adamant about a trans actresses being cast and Cox’s comments back in 2011 that “this is a very real story I have seen time and again over the years with people in my life but have never seen it told in a film so truthfully.”

I hadn’t heard about Carl(a) until now, but the trailer looks really good. Will you be checking it out?

(via Indiewire)

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