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Things We Saw Today: The Tragedy of Macbeth Released a Stunning New Trailer

Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand Macbeth

Joel Coen is giving William Shakespeare’s Macbeth a brilliant new cinematic life with Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand as Macbeth and Lady M. The first trailer for The Tragedy of Macbeth gave us a look at the larger world of Shakespeare’s infamous tragedy, but the new trailer gives us exactly one line to chew upon.

No really, what we get here is a single line, “Whence is that knocking?” from Washington’s Macbeth with a series of gorgeous, suspenseful cuts in black and white. Good. Give away nothing and make me even more excited to see Washington and McDormand take on my favorite messy murderous couple. The anticipation!

Macbeth is one of the most well-known dramas in existence. You know it is a story of murder, greed, marriage, power, and lies. There’s an ambitious woman who uses the men in her life to her advantage, three fantastic witches, a lot of hand-washing, and poor Banquo’s ghost. It’s dark, twisted, and beautiful and I love it with my entire heart. But even after seeing multiple takes on the famed play, this Coen production is still exciting. Somehow there’s always room for actors and directors to put their own spin on the Scottish play.

Those witches looming over everything? Macbeth looking sad and tragic in black and white? I’m in. Whatever it is that The Tragedy of Macbeth has in store for me, I’ll be there and watching with rapt attention.

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