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How to Resign Your Town Council Post: Do It in Klingon

To Boldly Go

If it’s good enough for resigning your command post, it’s good enough for the town council of Indian Trail, North Carolina.

David Waddell, town council member in Indian Trail, North Carolina, resigned this week, after completing only half his four year term. His resignation letter, contrary to pretty much every expectation I would have of how small town governance goes, was tendered in Klingon. Huffpo says that he decided to write it in Klingon as “an inside joke.”

HuffPo also says that Indian Trail mayor,┬áMichael Alvarez, was not amused, so presumably it’s not a joke that he shares. Waddell needs the time off, he says, to prepare a write in campaign for the heavily socially conservative Constitution Party‘s platform against Democratic senator Kay Hagan, so this story took a real unfortunate turn at the end, didn’t it. Lets talk about nerd stuff instead.

Here are some more ways that you can resign in a totally made up alien language:

  • Resign as a Tamarian. Say that relations between you and your employer broke down due to Kadir beneath Mo Moteh, and that the whole enterprise was just Shaka, when the walls fell.
  • Resign as a Hanar. Refer to yourself with the completely non-descriptive third-person pronouns “this one,” because polite discourse starts with the complete refutation of one’s ego.
  • Resign as an Elcor. Announce the emotion you wish the statement to convey at the start of your sentence, and then speak the sentence itself in a monotone.
  • Resign as a Czarnian. Drive your space-motorcycle through the wall, while chomping on a half finished stogie, and tell those bastiches to shove it where the hundred suns don’t shine.

Okay, maybe definitely don’t do that last one.

(via HuffPo.)

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