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Tony Stark Killed Hella People (and Robots) as Iron Man

Tony Stark Killed Hella People

You ever stop to think about those poor innocent folks who end up trampled underfoot when the Avengers are out doing their thing? Like, how many people have ended up hurt, injured, or killed because of collateral damage? You might think I’m setting up a piece about Civil War, seeing as how that’s the premise and all, but you’d be wrong. I’m actually talking about a video that turns the mirror over onto Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. The video contains a supercut of all of Stark’s kills both human and robot. Suffice it to say that the numbers are quite staggering, enough to make one at least maybe understand why Stark might be all about that registration act.

If you didn’t want to watch the video, here’s the breakdown: the video tracks kills made while in an Iron Man suit. This happens to also include the suit he wears at the beginning of the first Iron Man movie. What aren’t counted are deaths that he had indirectly caused in any other way. Just pure, cold, steel-hearted robo killing. Granted, many of these folks probably had some justice coming to them, but Iron Man? He seems to believe he is justice, friend. The grand total: 76 robots disabled and 75,157 human or humanoid lives ended. What’s the big jump, you ask? That’s easy.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.45.47 AM


(via Uproxx)

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