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No, Tom Holland Is Not the Father of Nicki Minaj’s Baby

Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland

Nicki Minaj is having a baby, and while Nicki is married to Kenneth Petty, the internet is … congratulating Tom Holland? Back in the long-ago time of 2019, an internet meme emerged that shocked the masses. Fans took to Twitter to share a tale of the love story between Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland.

The four-part series features video and images edited together to depict YouTuber James Charles telling the Spider-Man star that he loves him, and Tom Holland admits to loving Nicki Minaj, and so Holland shoots and kills James Charles to get him out of their lives. The problem? James Charles comes back to life and kills Nicki, who then turns around and kills James again. (Honestly, I have no idea).

Spawning off spinoff series, manips, and more, the video caused quite a stir online, and so many turned towards this new “relationship” to share their love. I am not going to lie, Joe and Anthony Russo showed up in this video, and I truly could not stop laughing for a full ten minutes. Apparently, they also have something with James Charles?

Basically, the video shows Nicki Minaj falling in love with Jungkook, the South Korean singer, and Tom Holland then turns to Zendaya until James Charles tries to kill Zendaya and Nicki, and Timothée Chalamet jumps in front of the shot. Though he was shot in the lung, Tom Holland offers his own to Chalamet.

Honestly, this is … maybe Oscar-worthy?

One YouTuber named Casey Aonso even went on a journey to explore why these videos even started and how they spawned into this internet love of … shipping Nicki Minaj with actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe? (There’s a Tom Hiddleston/Nicki Minaj account and a Sebastian Stan/Nicki Minaj account, too.)

So, what does this all have to do with the world today? Well, many are turning to Tom Holland with the news that Nicki Minaj is pregnant and congratulating him. So … imagine the confusion many had when they logged on to Twitter to see Tom Holland trending with Nicki Minaj after her announcement.

It’s just all because of a meme. Tom Holland and Nicki Minaj are not having a baby together, despite how that may be 2020’s least unbelievable plot twist. Still, many took to Twitter to either share their congratulations or their confusion.

So … sadly, the saga of Tom Holland and Nicki Minaj will probably have to stay in these fan videos, but at least everyone congratulating Tom Holland for Minaj’s baby brought us back to the never-ending saga of James Charles being in love with Tom Holland, who is in love with Nicki Minaj.

(image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for Marc Jacobs/Marvel Entertainment)

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