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Wait, What? Tom Hiddleston Might Have a Cameo in The Muppets… Again!?

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OK, so don’t freak out yet, because the report that Tom Hiddleston will have a cameo in The Muppets… Again! as someone called The Great Escapo isn’t confirmed yet and could easily be premature or a giant hoax designed to break Tumblr’s collective heart.

And with that out of the way… everybody Kermit flail!

The source of the rumor is a post on the blog MuppetsHenson, which points out that Hiddleston’s official online CV listed, for a very short while, The Muppets… Again! among his upcoming projects, with the character name noted as being “The Great Escapo.” As Scott Hanson of the Muppet Wiki points out, the listing has since been taken down, but it’s still there in Google’s cached version of his bio (screenshot).

Even if Hiddleston was at one point considered for what’s sure to be one of The Muppets… Again!‘s many, many (many, many, many) cameos, it could still fall through due to scheduling concerns or any number of other issues. So I’m going to do my best to keep my skeptic’s hat on and not be too pleased about this until there’s some sort of official announcement.

Not sure how successful I’ll be, though.

(via: Scott Hanson, ToughPigs)

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