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Tom Hiddleston Surprising Loki Cosplayers Is a Total Delight

Avengers: Infinity War actor Tom Hiddleston surprised Loki cosplayers at a special event for the movie, and to say these were the best moments of the fans’ lives is probably an understatement.

Tom Hiddleston is known to be a class act, treating his fellow actors, reporters, and fans with respect and grace. It’s rare to have gathered such universal acclaim, but I’ve never seen a bad word said about Hiddleston. At cast events, he’s usually doling out hugs or receiving them.

So it’s not unexpected to see Hiddleston having fun by surprising five Loki cosplayers who were invited to a preview of Infinity War in London earlier in April.

I also love that we get to see a lot of Loki incarnations here. There’s his more traditional Avengers villain look, his now-famous black suit from Ragnarok, the new Ragnarok leathers, and a Lady Loki. As the cosplayers are being interviewed about their favorite character and giving some Loki-like responses, Hiddleston himself shows up. It’s also very sweet to watch Hiddleston’s clear enjoyment as he watches them talk about Loki from backstage.

This is one giant love-fest and I love every minute of it. I think my favorite reaction is the cosplayer who just stares at Hiddleston for a moment of pure silent shock, unable to believe what they’re seeing. It seems like the most awesome sort of reward for these fans’ creativity and hard work in cosplay to get to meet their (anti)hero.

Please enjoy this bit of pure Marvel nerd joy before Infinity War—which is, after all, about a war—takes us to a darker place.

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