Tom Hanks and Jimmy Fallon Give Bridge of Spies the Kid Theater Treatment

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On The Tonight Show, Tom Hanks joined the ranks of other actors such as Channing Tatum and Michael Douglas when he participated in a little creative retelling of his latest film, Bridge of Spies—as written by elementary school kids, of course.

If you haven’t heard of the recurring sketch “Kid Theater”, you need to watch all of the installments. Basically, The Tonight Show asks kids to write scripts for movies—but only give them the title to work off of. The results are completely hilarious in their innocence. (Try not to grin through the one where the kids had to write scripts for Magic Mike.)

Hanks, ever the professional, treats each script with as much intensity as he would every one of his previous Oscar-winning roles—from “Spy One” to the role of “Margaret”, who has to painstakingly explain the process of building a literal bridge of spies.

It’s a testament to just how creative kids can get with only the title of a film to go on—and how naturally funny they can be without even trying. (Of course, it helps when Tom Hanks is reading your dialogue.)

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