We Called, You Answered: TMS Readers Show Off Their Best Childhood Halloween Looks

Y'all are just scarily cute.
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We asked you to share some of your favorite childhood Halloween costumes, and you did not disappoint! While you were all amazing, we could only choose a select few to showcase on the site. Here are some of our favorites from the #TMSHalloween hashtag!

Cute widdle bird:

Leia, naturally:

This costume got a lot of buzz back in the day:

Showing off how awesomely talented parents can be! (Also, are they a proto-Batman and Harley Quinn?? Hmmm…)

One of our favorite friends from Sesame Street!

Another Leia! This time, with awesome foil accouterments:

Awesomely repping classic television!

Check out this Legend of Zelda finery:

After a long day of web-slinging, Peter Parker needs to chill out by the fan:

PICTURES OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! But seriously, we wish your mom would’ve captured this majesty on film!

Do not downplay your attempt at Q-Bert! This is awesome!


I dunno. Gambling can get pretty scary depending on how much money you’re winning (or losing!):

Rockin’ American Girls Style!

I wonder if any of her friends were the other Sailor Scouts?

Ballerina Chicken is kinda the best band name ever:

Please tell me you two rolled all over the house!

Daleks on fleek.


One of my personal faves, naturally.

Whatever do you mean? These look perfectly normal to us!

Yup. Still normal.

Great shot of an amazing butterfly!

Repping the Princess of Power!

Aww. We love this Wonder Woman!

YES. Wednesday will always be one of our idols.

You all are amazing, and clearly have been since you were wee tikes. Thank you so much for sharing your Halloween creativity with us!

As for me, I have to say the highlight of my childhood Halloween costumes was the year I dressed up as Catwoman from the Tim Burton film, Batman Returns. What made it even more awesome was that I wore it despite feeling a little self-conscious as a chubby Catwoman. I wore it, I gave great face in this photo, and I trick-or-treated like a mo-fo.

Teresa as Catwoman from Batman Returns - 1992


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