Princess Weekes Sailor Moon tattoo

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Oh, hello. If you happen to be reading this right now odds are that your fandom is on point. The Mary Sue reader usually has one or all of these things: a favorite superhero, a favorite book (okay, top five because who can ever pick just one), an indie comic they make all their friends read, a list of comic book characters that need their own flick like yesterday, a closet of awesome cosplay getups, can recite all the lines from at least one Star Wars film, and maybe has a sorting hat or sonic screwdriver. The point of all this is that Mary Suevians are great at being fans and we want to know just how far you’ve gone!

Let us introduce you to The Mary Sue Ink Club. Do you have that thing that you are just so passionate about that you had to solidify it in ink… on your body? Well we want to see it. Is “I solemnly swear that I up to no good” tattooed on your forearm? Is there a Millennium Falcon on your ankle? How about a the VFD sign? Maybe Rick and Morty in the space cruiser? Whatever it is, we want you to share it with us!

Snap a pic of your fandom tats and tweet it at us using #TMSInkClub! We will be featuring our favorites on all our social channels and on! You can let us know when you got it, why you got it, you can even give a shout out to your artists! It’s all fair game, as long as we get to share in on the fun!

Some of our editorial staff just couldn’t hold back! Up top, you’ll see a portion of Princess’ Sailor Moon-inspired tattoo incorporating all the different sailor scout symbols and, of course, the crescent moon. Here’s the full image:

Princess Weekes Sailor Moon tattoo

image: Princess Weekes

Vivian wears her love of the film Almost Famous with pride, having tattooed the word “uncool” over her ribs in Cameron Crowe’s handwriting. We think it made a stunning statement at her wedding:

Vivian Kane Almost Famous tattoo

image: Vivian Kane

And leave it to Princess to not just have one, but several geeky tats. She’s also got this one of Storm’s headdress on her leg as a reminder of the power of nuanced, black female characters. Mutant abilities optional:

Princess Weekes Storm headdress tattoo

image: Princess Weekes

OK, now you’ve got to get in on this! Here are the rules again: tweet us a photo of your tattoo using #TMSInkClub and maybe you will be featured!

Can’t wait to see all your awesome ink. Let the fun begin!

(featured image: Princess Weekes)

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