This Is Not The Thor Trailer

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Rumors of a fan-uploaded trailer for Thor are riding high right now, to the extent that even The New York Daily News wrote an article about it, with the video embedded.  But here’s the thing:

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It is not a trailer for Thor.  It’s a fan edit.

It’s really, really obviously a fan edit.

Lets go down the list here:

  • None of the actors or actresses are in the costumes or using the props we’ve seen in released photos.
  • None of them are actually shown interacting with each other.
  • There’s a clip in there that is clearly a blue tinted and horizontally mirrored clip from Hellboy.  (Obviously all of the clips are from other movies, but that was the one that I recognized instantly.)
  • Anthony Hopkins has two eyes.
  • And last, but not least, the clip tells you that it’s a fan edit both at the end, and in the title.

NYDaily News?

Though a trailer is circulating on YouTube purporting to be the official trailer for the film, a source tells the Daily News that the footage shown at Comic-Con was in 3D and would thus be blurred if recorded.

It doesn’t take a source, people.  You just had to, you know, watch the whole video before posting it.  Or read its title.  And then refrain from writing an article where you mislead people into thinking that they might be watching something that’s legitimate.

This Thor-inspired fan edit can be watched below, at least until Marvel Entertainment pulls it, as they pulled the video from the Daily News article.

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