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Oh Good, Thor and Deadpool Now Have a Love Child

Thor in Thor: Ragnarok

In true Marvel fashion, Chris Hemsworth welcomed Ryan Reynolds to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a very Deadpool-esque fashion: With a picture of Thor and Wade Wilson’s love child. The Fox-Disney merger was finally completed in the last few days and, with it, came the rights to the X-Men, including Deadpool, to the MCU.

For quite some time, we’ve been missing some of our favorite heroes in Marvel’s movie universe—not because Disney didn’t want to include them, but because of how different movie studies all owned the rights to different franchises from Marvel. Sony had Spider-Man, Fox had the Fantastic Four and the X-Men, and so we had an incomplete roster of characters.

Now, with the merger complete and Sony letting Peter Parker exist in the MCU, we have a somewhat complete character list to work from. That doesn’t mean we’re going to get all our favorite character thrown in at once, but it does mean that we’re going to see the Disney version of Wade Wilson. (That’s certainly going to be interesting.)

To help welcome their newest hero into their ranks, Chris Hemsworth shared a beautiful image of the love child between Thor and Deadpool, showing us all that Disney is going to have their hands full with this crew.


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What we have yet to see is when and how Wade Wilson, the rest of the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four will join Marvel’s movie heroes. Now that the Infinity Saga is coming to an end, it would be a perfect time to start adding in new characters from the canon to fill out where others are leaving.

Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of Wade Wilson after the credits of Endgame, or maybe he’ll just continue to have his own movies. Who knows, but now that Disney has control of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, there are endless possibilities!

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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