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This Song From a ‘SNL’ Sketch Is Lighting Up TikTok

SZA with big boys in SNL

Saturday Night Live is no stranger to dropping absolutely iconic songs as part of sketches that then become the top-played song on my Spotify wrapped. Every Christmas, I think about their Run DMC-inspired sketch with Chance the Rapper about Barack Obama’s last Christmas as President of the United States. We’ve all sung a song from The Lonely Island at some point in our lives. Now there is a new song taking over the TikTok FYP: “Big Boys” from SZA featuring the cast and host Keke Palmer.

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The song aired during Palmer’s hosting gig, which was an overall incredible episode and kicked off the December line-up for the show with a bang. As is typically the case with Saturday Night Live, some of the sketches were centered on holiday themes. With that came a song all about cuffing season.

For the not-single (lucky bastards), Cuffing Season is a yearly tradition when we singletons suddenly want to be in a relationship because it is cold outside and the idea of having someone to keep us warm is an inviting idea. For those attracted to men, we might find ourselves wanting to be in a relationship with a guy for their bigger clothes—and when it come to cuffing season, the bigger the better.

This happens yearly and is widely talked about, and now there is a song to keep us happy and entertained while trying to find our “big boys” this time around.

The song is performed by musical guest SZA and includes Palmer, Ego Nwodim, Cecily Strong, and Punkie Johnson as they all start to talk about the season of the cuff. This time though, it’s not any man that will do. No, because of the cold weather, it’s all about the “big boys.” (The video includes one of the funniest Saturday Night Live jokes from recent years, which is slapping a picture of Andy Dwyer from Parks and Recreation over a picture of Chris Pratt with a six-pack.)

And as is the case with all the bops that Saturday Night Live has given us throughout the years, this one has slowly been taking over TikTok as fans share their love for their favorite “big boys” and other men try and shoot their shots for cuffing season.

It has now become a TikTok song

It’s pretty simple: Are you a big boy? Do you have a favorite actor who would fall into the category of a big boy? Great, just go ahead and share their pictures or a video of yourself to the song and let TikTok do its things.

There is a plethora of people sharing their boyfriends or just hyping themselves up but then there are the videos of everyone celebrating their favorite Hollywood man. Some are equating the “big” part of the song to height and included actors like 6’3″ John Krasinski along with Winston Duke in their posts.


this literally doesn’t apply to him but silence #johnkrasinski #theoffice #emilyblunt #fyp #sza

♬ Big Boys – cshsznxo!

But my own personal favorite sub-genre within this trend is the sheer amount of David Harbour videos there are. If it isn’t Jim Hopper from Stranger Things, then it is a video about his Santa from Violent Night. This is a great time for me personally on TikTok.

There are so many celebrating their favorite big boys and it’s honestly really fun to see.

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