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This 78 Year-Old Harry Styles Stan At the Grammys Is My Idol

Harry Styles taking home the first award of the night

The Grammy Awards have a special section at this year’s award ceremony. They’re having the fans do a roundtable to talk about their favorite artists and what album and artists they think are going to take home the awards throughout the night. We had fans talking about Bad Bunny and Beyoncé. They both shared their love for the artists and Renaissance and Un Verano Sin Ti, respectfully. And while I love both artists, there was another woman. A woman I instantly knew would be when I got older.

I’m talking about the 78 year-old woman who just loves Harry Styles so much. As a former One Direction fan and now an adult woman with adult money, I spend a lot on Harry Styles merch and concerts (I missed his residency in New York for Harry’s House, and it hurts my soul). The point is, I love him. So when fans came together to talk about artists, I loved that she was ready. She came to the roundtable locked and loaded to support her favorite singer.

The point of the roundtable is just to rally support for your favorite. Everyone is going to always pick their fave when the discussion happens regardless. But it’s nice to see actual fan reactions to artists and their work. Having that perspective in the middle of the Grammys ceremony is a nice break. But man, do I love this grandmother. (That’s literally how she was introduced: by her granddaughter talking about how much she loves Harry.)

It’s such a funny set up, because everyone at the table seems relatively towards the younger end of the fandom for their respective artist. And then there is my new hero, who said I’ll go defend Harry, I don’t care.

I hope to love Harry Styles like she does at 78

For me, as the daughter of a 72 year-old woman trying to act like she’s a bigger Harry Styles fan than I am (she’s wrong), I have to love and respect this woman for knowing who she likes and going for it. The best part is that she’s at the ceremony with the other fans. Even host Trevor Noah said that she has to stay seated because he would jokingly tackle a grandma if he had to.

She just loves going to his shows and wearing a boa. And now I would like to know what is her favorite song off of each album. I’m sure if Trevor Noah asked her, she’d have it ready to go. She is that ready to defend Harry Styles as much as she can. And I just love her for it. It’s me with many artists, but I love Harry Styles and Harry’s House a lot, so of course I saw her and instantly knew that I would protect this grandmother with my life.

Will Harry Styles win? I don’t know. But I hope that he at least goes to see his biggest fan in the audience, because it is what my hero deserves.

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