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Thinking of Leslie Knope as the First Parks and Recreation Cast Member, Joe Biden, Becomes President

Who will be the next?


Leslie Knope meeting Joe Biden

Joe Biden is the first cast member of Parks and Recreation to become President of the United States. That’s just a fact. And on the day Biden took office, many had one question in mind: How is Leslie Knope doing?

Sure, thinking of fictional characters isn’t the best thing to do when it comes to serious political developments, but when it comes to Leslie, she loves Joe Biden so much that it just makes sense that we’re all thinking back to the NBC comedy. Leslie Knope made it clear that if she had a chance, she’d leave Ben Wyatt behind for Joe Biden.

She loved him, and Biden even made an appearance on the show. So today, I got to watch as the first cast member from Parks and Recreation became the president of the United States, and let me tell you, that fact made me way more emotional than I thought it would.

I’ll admit, I’m not the most political person in the world. Or, I should say, I used to not be that political. I stayed informed and I knew what was going on, but now I’m way more invested in everything happening because … well … I mean … you saw the last few years.

What I did know about politics, I knew from watching Parks and Recreation. I was 17 when the show started, and it was my first look into understanding politics that wasn’t my terrible Civics teacher doing a bad job. So for me, thinking about this show and, more specifically, Leslie Knope reacting to Joe Biden being president? It weirdly means a lot to me.

The internet was also happy to share this day with Leslie Knope because come ON, you know she would have made Ben get her there for the inauguration.

Here’s to Leslie Knope. I know you’re fictional, but you’ve given me such hope and inspiration throughout the years that I’m glad Joe Biden’s inauguration has somehow turned into everyone thinking about you and how you’d react to this. Joe Biden is precious cargo, after all.

(image: NBC)

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