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Things We Saw Today: We Are Obsessed With Pet Sematary’s Adorable Non-Zombied Feline Stars

Church the zombie cat from Pet Sematary looking creepy.

I know that Pet Sematary is, in some sense, a cautionary tale about loving your pets too much. (You might miss them, but sometimes dead is better, we know.) But the only thing getting me through this week’s hellish news cycle is pictures of the actual cat who played Church in the remake, and to be honest, I would risk zombification for this cat. Just look at this beautiful lad!

Look at him! He is purrfection.

He and other fancy movie star cats are now the only thing I care about.

Why yes, this cat does have an Instagram account, I’m so glad you asked!

But wait! Leo there wasn’t the only cat to play Church. Meet Tonic!


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#Petsematary screening at @brooklynhorrorfest @petsematarymovie @petsematarymov

A post shared by •Tonic• (@church_aka_tonic) on

Apparently, there were five Maine Coons cast to share the role of Church, and all of them were originally shelter cats. By the time the film had wrapped production, all five had found forever homes. The movie’s feline trainer, Melissa Millett, adopted Tonic.

As for that makeup job mentioned in the above tweet, the New York Post writes:

How do you make up a cat? The answer: gradually, and with gunk they can lick off and digest.

For two months, the trainers and a representative from the American Humane Society had what Millett calls “a catnip party” in a dry bathtub, adding one drop of makeup at a time until the cats were comfortable.

Please let me attend a makeup catnip party with these cats. It’s my only dream.

  • Some Muller investigators are reportedly saying the actual Mueller Report is far worse for Trump than Barr made it seem, to which the rest of us say … no duh. (via CNN)
  • The U.S. is tracking migrant girls’ periods to stop them from getting abortions. They’ve also reportedly used at least one girl to test an “abortion reversal” procedure. This is actual Nazi behavior. (via Harper’s Bazaar)
  •  Okay, lighter stuff! The Queer Eye guys joined AOC for a day on Capitol Hill!

  • Both New Mutants and Dark Phoenix have been at the center of a years-long game of will they/won’t they. It’s looking like they both will get a theatrical release, ending Fox’s mutant run with a slow fizzle. (via Comic Book Movie)
  • Pokemon Go has announced the dates of their next Community Day events. Will you be attending? (via
  • This is Art.


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