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Things We Saw Today: The People of Wauconda, Illinois Have Already Heard Your Vibranium Jokes

Cropped image of Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa on one of Marvel's "Black Panther" posters

The mayor of Wauconda, Illinois has reportedly been getting a number of emails and phone calls from people asking about their supply of vibranium. Others simply want to yell “Wakanda forever” into the phone. The principal of the local high school has apparently also been receiving inquiries as to whether or not the school would be changing its mascot. (Unfortunately, he says they’ll remain the bulldogs.)

In terms of things people do in tribute to pop culture, this isn’t nearly as obnoxious as, say, all the people that drove to Arizona to throw pizzas on Walter White’s roof, but I might be biased seeing as I don’t have to answer those phones.

The town’s name was adapted from a word that translates to “god” in the language of the Kaw and Osage Nations. Representatives from the tribes aren’t offended though. I’m loving this quote from Indian Country Today (via i09):

It was a sacred home place to them. Beyond that, I have no way of knowing if in some real African language this is an actual place name or word they have as well. But overall I felt no disrespect or misdoing. The movie was great and uplifting.

  • In more Black Panther news, are you aware that Michael B. Jordan is an anime fan? His Killmonger costume sure reflects his love. (via ScreenRant)
  • With all this talk of arming teachers instead of banning semiautomatic rifles, it seems like there’s a big piece missing from this conversation: how many teachers are actually willing to be their students’ armed guard? That is not only a huge burden to place on teachers, but it assumes they’re onboard with a certain ideology. And many just aren’t. (via The Washington Post)
  • Janelle Monáe dropped two new music videos off her “Dirty Computer” album: “Django Jane” and the incredible bisexual anthem “Make Me Feel.” Warning, both are likely to do things to your loins.

What did you all see out there today?

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