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Things We Saw Today: Twitter Has Yet Another New Policy That Might Be Illegal

Mama Mia! Here we go again.

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After a week of Mastodon links being tagged as “potentially harmful” in people’s tweets, Twitter Support announced today that it was banning the sharing of links from any of their competitors – oops, I mean any other “prohibited” social media sites. That included mega-platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but also up-and-coming smaller sites like Mastodon and Post, which many had been sharing as potential viable alternatives to Twitter. It also included that linktrees (the ways in which many creatives including writers, artists, and sex workers use to promote their businesses) would also be banned. But it turns out this is potentially violating a law of the European Union.

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It does appear to be a direct violation, and along with his mass lay-offs and firings, might be another legal and financial blow against Elon and the sinking ship that is Twitter.

Meanwhile, Argentina beat France and won the World Cup! Masses of fans across the world, but especially in Buenos Aires, took to the streets to celebrate the victory.

Meanwhile, Austin Butler hosted Cecily Strong’s last episode of SNL. For the last sketch, the cast joined Butler and an emotional Strong on stage as he did his best Elvis and serenaded her with “Blue Christmas.” Strong and the rest of the cast joined him in the song while holding each other and I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING.

In “today I had to learn about ‘gendered foods'” news, a woman wrote an AITA post about a date telling her that girls were not supposed to eat steak on dates because it was quote “not ladylike” and “not gentle.” When she correctly told him to shove it and left she met with pushback on her behavior from a friend’s brother and boyfriend. They thought that the date was right and that men get turned off by women eating red meat? Straight men continue to not be ok!

Outspoken journalist Taylor Lorenz appears to be permanently suspended from Twitter. Musk claims that it is because she violated his new doxxing policy by including an address in an article she wrote 2 YEARS AGO. But really we know it’s because she was continuing to ask him for clarifications and follow-ups on his many outlandish claims and has been openly critical of him since his take over of the platform. – Deadline

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