Things We Saw Today: Geekdom Twins In Vitro

Things We Saw Today
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Those Grady twins still look creepy. They were just destined to be creepy — forever, and ever, and ever … (By Mr. Whaite via Popped Culture)

Pixelized Ghostbusters are just as adorable as the regular ones. Though Stanz and Spengler would probably acknowledge their cuteness, then dismiss them as unimpressive. (At Bit Rebels)

After Jon Jacobs‘ fiancee Tina died at a young age, he continued her gaming legacy by keeping her avatar alive in the game, which was against the rules for their game of choice, Entropia Universe. But even while he moved on in life and remarried, he still wasn’t ready to let Tina go in the virtual world:

Jon sometimes played as Tina, controlling her avatar in Entropia. Sometimes he let his son, then five years old, play as the avatar of his deceased mom. “Seeing her avatar was like seeing her,” Jacobs told me. That bit of role-playing didn’t last. It violated the rules every Entropia user had to digitally agree to before playing the game. Other gamers noticed, not all of them cheerfully. “Some of the players got upset, because, you know, there are haters in the forums and shit like that,” Jacobs told me from L.A. “There was a rule that there was only one avatar [per person], so basically I got asked not to log her avatar on.”

Read the whole story at Kotaku.

This is what happens when Timothy Leary sneaks into a TARDIS. (At EPICponyz)

After Joplin, Missouri was leveled by tornados, one of its most popular comic shops Hurley’s Heroes has started looking for ways to help out anyone affected by the disaster, especially kids who are “stuck inside huge shelters, and no doubt bored out of their minds.” The brothers in charge have already gotten plenty of volunteers to distribute books, comics, graphic novels, etc. and are now simply looking for “all-age” materials to distribute. Here is their address:

Hurley’s Heroes
1515 W. 10th
Ste. C
Joplin, MO 64801

(Hurley’s Heroes via Comics Alliance)

Offered without comment, except to say that this is a really super tattoo. (At Neatorama)

Also from Neatorama, this time lapse video shows the Earth rotating against the stars. This has been your moment of zen.

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