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Things We Saw Today: This Sheep Dog’s Unwavering Beef With a Fence Post Is Priceless

A good boy.

One of my favorite movies growing up was Babe Pig in the City (the sequel to Babe I watched more times than the original film). I imagine for many people, it began a fascination with pigs as pets because Babe was the star of the film. After all, Babe is a pig that learned how to herd sheep. However, through the romanticized magic of film and voice acting I fell in love with the beautiful Border Collies (especially Fly) that nurtured the main character, Babe. So when I came across this viral TikTok about a livestock guardian dog (LGD) fighting a fence post, I became instantly obsessed.

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I just love his personality ?

♬ original sound – Charlene

You can also watch the TikTok video here.

You didn’t mis-watch that. He does not like this hunk of lumber. He passes several of them but huffs at one in a way any grumpy cat or dog owner would understand. Kaan is one of three LGDs worked by Charlene. If you’re wondering what’s his problem is—well, there is a story there.

@charchar.binx0 Replying to @rosyjennings The fence is our favorite enemy. #livestockguardiandogs ♬ original sound – Charlene

You can also watch the TikTok video here.

Essentially, a few years back, a goat was hurt by an electric fence, and Kaan (one of the herd’s protectors) realized it came from the fence. Electric fencing is relatively new in the U.S. However, between the dogs and the fence, this livestock is extra protected, especially with Kaan and his crew around. While he eventually figured out it was the whole fence that was unsafe for the sheep and goats, Kaan still holds a grudge against the original post, which is totally understandable. He is just reminding the post who the boss is.

(via TikTok, featured image: Universal Pictures)

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