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Things We Saw Today: What Princess Leia Looked Like in Rogue One, Pre-Special Effects


Through the magic of the movies, Princess Leia had a cameo in Rogue One, wherein she very much resembled a young Carrie Fisher. Norwegian actress Ingvild Delia was behind the buns—but just wait until you see the actor who played Grand Moff Tarkin before Industrial Light & Magic layered on the CGI.


The pictures were originally posted by the @TheSWLegacy Twitter account. As cool as it is to glimpse the lovely lady who helped bring us Leia in Rogue One, I’m still boggling at actor Guy Henry, who played everyone’s favorite evil Admiral.

Legendary actor Peter Cushing, the original Tarkin, died in 1994, but Tarkin has quite a big part in Rogue One. The somewhat uncanny valley-ness of the CGI Tarkin has gotten some criticism, and now I have to wonder—why didn’t they just use Guy Henry without any light & magic? Look at this guy:


Talk about uncanny. I’m still not over his face. (via Gamespot, images via Lucasfilm)

Moving past doppelgängers, here’s another blast from the past: the cast of Buffy has reunited for some schmancy collectible Entertainment Weekly covers, with more pics to emerge from EW’s Instagram.

  • Uranus—the planet, people—smells like farts.
  • An ingenious child built a Nintendo Switch model out of cardboard when his mother wouldn’t buy him one. I hope the magic of the Internet has by now conspired to get that kid a real Switch.
  • “Mad World” in major key somehow sounds…peppy?

I don’t know what my emotions are doing after that video, so I’ve gotta ask: what did you see today, Rebel Alliance?

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