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Things We Saw Today: Wizards of the Coast Just Released a Ton of Free Resources for Playing D&D Remotely

Dungeons and Dragons dice.

If you’re missing your regular Dungeons & Dragons game or if you’re looking for a new remote activity to do with your friends and family during these unusual times, Wizards of the Coast has us covered. The makers of D&D just launched a new online resource with tons of material for both new players and experienced ones looking to play remotely.

Wizards is posting a new batch of free (and some pay-what-you-can) material every day (Monday through Friday), including special stuff for younger players–everything from full campaign adventures to rule books to coloring activities. This entire week’s content so far is available now, with new material dropping at 5pm Pacific time.

Images of free D&D material.

They also have a roundup of free and PWYC tips and tools for online gameplay. This is a great resource for those of us who are moving our usual in-person games online and it also makes it super easy for those who are just getting started. Seriously, this is a great time to try D&D out, even if you and your friends have never played before. You don’t need anything to jump in, not even dice!

You can find that free material here and the roundup of tips and tricks here.

  • Disney is making a live-action/CG hybrid remake of Robin Hood, still with the anthropomorphic animals and songs but not animated. That sounds terrifying and I can’t wait. (via THR)
  • I would also like to see a movie about these prehistoric monkeys who took an edible raft clear across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to South America. (via CNN)
  • This professional sports commentator is making great use of his skills while quarantining:

  • Hong Kong gamers can’t protest in the streets so they used Animal Crossing. Now China wants to ban the game. (via Vice)
  • You can now take a virtual walking tour of the Stanley Hotel–the hotel that inspired The Shining. (via Dread Central)

  • LGBTQ rights pioneer Phyllis Lyon has passed away. (via HuffPost)
  • “A guide to media personalities and outlets who are profiteering from coronavirus health scams and grifts.” (via Media Matters)
  • I have never seen The Good Fight. I kind of forgot it was a show that existed. But I am obsessed with this synopsis of the fourth season premiere, where the lead character is transported to an alternate reality where Hillary Clinton is president and she has to work for Harvey Weinstein. (via Pajiba)

Happy weekend, everybody!

(image: Tom Conder on Flickr)
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