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Things We Saw Today: Photographer Reshoots Sexist Vintage Ads to Highlight Their Ridiculousness

image: Eli Rezkallah One of several images from Rezkallah's photo series "In a Parallel Universe" showcasing sexism in advertising

It’s easy to laugh at the sexism of the 1950s, thinking us so far removed from that way of thinking. However, photographer and artist Eli Rezkallah can’t help but notice the way in which those “old” ideas haven’t really gone away, and are still woven into the fabric of our daily lives. He highlights this in a photo series called “In a Parallel Universe” that reimagines sexist ads from the 1950s-60s with the gender roles reversed.

You can check out more of the series over at Buzzfeed.

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Well, that’s it from us! Have a great weekend, everyone!

(image: Eli Rezkallah)
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