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Things We Saw Today: Pete Buttigieg Is Getting Dragged Over a Terrible Bumper-Sticker Platitude of a Meme

Pete Buttigieg looks very excited at an Iowa event.

(image: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

I imagine Pete Buttigieg is not having the best couple of days. First he declared victory in the Iowa caucus with no way to back that up. Then he had to listen to Meghan McCain spout anti-abortion propaganda to his face. Oh, he also got called out for adding audience applause to a town hall clip.

He’s also getting fully dragged on Twitter for this absolute nonsense platitude that someone on his campaign thought was poignant enough to memeify.

Do yourself a favor and don’t think about what those words actually mean for too long. Your brain is likely to turn to mush if you do.

What shape is your democracy? (via Mediaite)

  • Speaking of, there’s another Democratic debate tonight. Yup, another one. Here’s the how/when/where, though no why, unfortunately. (via ABC News)
  • Here are “8 Sorta Romantic But Definitely Nerdy Movies to Stream for Valentine’s Day.” I love any list that proposes Midsommar as a good date movie. (via i09)
  • Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

  • If you’re wondering if Birds of Prey has a post-credits scene and don’t want any other spoilers, here ya go. (via EW)
  • And if you’re open to slightly bigger spoilers regarding Harley Quinn’s sexuality in the movie, check this out. (via CBR)
  • The Baby Yoda Funko isn’t even out yet and it’s breaking sales records. (via SyFyWire)

Happy weekend, everyone!

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