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Things We Saw Today: ‘Our Flag Means Death’ Gets Queer Fan Art Zine From Nova & Mali

Kayley Ceniceros' (a.k.a. Comet) art contribution to As a Crew (an Our Flag Means Death Digital fan Zine.) Image: Kayley Ceniceros and Nova & Mali.

From the team behind Classics… But Make It Gay (and its sequel) comes a limited-edition, collaborative digital fan zine dedicated to our favorite queer pirate show, Our Flag Means Death. As a Crew features 55+ works of art that (like organizers Nova and Mali) come from all over the world and a logo reminiscent of the show’s iconic flag.

Some of the stunning work looks to reference works by Sir John Everett Millais and Vincent Van Gogh, while others take inspiration from stain glass work and playing cards. While a majority of the artwork is of Stede & Blackbeard, there are lots of dynamic illustrations of the whole crew, other couples, and fan favorites like Frenchie, Buttons, and Izzy.

On the product page (and on social media) Nova and Mali state that the proceeds will be divided between the Transgender Law Center and Sage. While the law center focuses on lawmakers and the courts, Sage is dedicated to advocating and providing services for LGBTQ+ elders. Unlike other projects by the duo, there will be no printed edition of this book “to ensure that as much money as possible goes directly to the charities.” Speaking of, there’s no way to donate more, so if you want to increase the funds going to the organizations, you can either purchase more copies or donate directly to the organizations.

This digital zine will only be available to purchase in August 2022. The links immediately sent to your email will also expire 30 days from the purchase date. When you flip through the book and see something you love, go to the back and follow the artists on social media because Nova and Mali noted that some artists will begin selling fan art starting in September.

(via @Nova Mali, featured image: Kayley Ceniceros.)

Here are some other bits of news we saw today:

  • Elon Musk’s ideal futuristic world (and projects) are centered around him rather than everyone else. (via TIME Magazine.)
  • The MPAA rating system is very flawed and biased against certain groups (like women, for example). However, it’s interesting that deep fake technology was recently used to allow a movie a more box-office-friendly PG-13 rating. (via Variety.)
  • Serena Williams announces she’s retiring from competing, in her own words. (via VOGUE.)

This clip of Giancarlo Esposito behind the scenes of Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing (1989) is making the rounds on social media, so here’s more of the clip.

What news did you see out there today?

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