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Things We Saw Today: Our First Look At the Disney Villain’s Kids From Descendants

I think I saw a Monster High set like this once.


Welp, that is… pretty much how we expected them to look when we heard the words “Disney villain high school AU” for the first time. Starting left and going clockwise we have Booboo Stewart as Jafar’s son Jay, Cameron Boyce as Cruella’s son Carlos, Sofia Carlson as The Evil Queen’s daughter Evie, and Dove Cameron as Maleficent’s “Mal.” (via Collider)

  • So Simon Pegg probably won’t be in Star Wars after all, says Slashfilm. But on the plus side, he’s in the Phineas and Ferb Star Wars special! Small victories, folks.
  • John “Captain Jack Harkness” Barrowman will receive an MBE (“Member of the Order of the British Empire”) from the Queen of England, and Daniel Day Lewis is getting a knighthood. BBC America has more.

bill nye

For Throw Back Thursday last week, Bill Nye threw a picture of himself from his high school yearbook up on Instagram. Just look at his adorable dweebiness! (via Uproxxx)

  • Speaking of Bill Nye, he faces off against Sir Isaac Newton in a new video from Epic Rap Battles of History. (via Laughing Squid)
  • Spider-Man is coming to Disney Infinity, Variety reports. Now I can finally  act out the Peter Parker/Buzz Lightyear crack pairing of my dreams.

solar prominance

Wanna watch a towering inferno of pure energy escaping from the surface of the Sun? Of course you do. Space is so nifty. Check out the video from NASA at Universe Today.

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