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Things We Saw Today: Make Yourself Into A Funko



Funko’s collectible figures have become as recognizable a part of nerd ephemera as action figures, comic books, and movie posters – and now they’re letting you turn yourself into one. With Pop! Yourself, you can create a relatively custom digital avatar of yourself as a Funko Pop! figure. It’s only in Beta mode, so it could use some expanding – particularly for the hair selections, body shapes, and total absence of wheelchairs or mobility aids – but it’s a good bit of fun, and I hope they’ll improve it to be more inclusive soon. (via Nerdist)

  • Director James Gunn posted a heartfelt, lengthy message to fans of Guardians of the Galaxy on his Facebook, which touched on both his own experiences with loneliness and suicidal ideation, and the saving power of the media he loved. Through that entertainment, he wrote, “I experienced something deeper – the realization that I wasn’t completely alone.”
    He also described the Guardians as “a group of heartbroken misfits whose lives have been bereft of tenderness and connection and who have a nearly impossible time trusting themselves or others. But they’re learning, one step at a time. They are me. They are you. We are Groot.” (via The Hollywood Reporter)
  • After big nerd and all-time Twitter clapback champion Gabourey Sidibe mentioned R.L. Stine not once, not twice, but four times in her New York Times By the Book interview, and listed him as one of the writers she’d like to have dinner with, Stine tweeted the following.

    My only questions are when will this happen and can I come.

  • In case Alien: Covenant wasn’t already looking scary enough, we now have a featurette that shows how the ship is run by a terrifying future-Siri called MUTHUR. Eventually, it looks like the humans and MUTHUR team up to take down the aliens (Warner Brothers used the hashtag #SheWontGoQuietly), but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna start trusting Alexa any time soon. (via Nerdist)

  • Warner Brothers also released a teaser trailer for Blade Runner 2049. The full trailer should land on Monday. (via The Hollywood Reporter)

(Featured image made by me via Pop! Yourself)

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