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Things We Saw Today: The Awe-Inspiring Grandiosity Of the M100 Galaxy

From NASA: “This Hubble Space Telescope image of M100 was made in 2009 and reveals bright blue star clusters and intricate winding dust lanes which are hallmarks of this class of galaxies… If you know exactly where to look, you can find a small spot that is a light echo from a bright supernova that was recorded a few years before the image was taken.” (via io9)

Speaking of NASA, this weekend marked the 25th anniversary of NASA Voyager seeing Earth as a teeny-tiny pale blue dot:

Entertainment Weekly’s got our first look at that Jurassic World hybrid dino. Thoughts? I’m kinda eh about it but that might be because I’m feelin’ spoiled by that raptor bike gang. But the fact that this thing’s supposed to be 50 ft tall does have me all O_O. (via EW)


Today’s Saturday Night Live‘s 40th anniversary special; what are your favorite SNL moments? For me it just might be that time Amy Poehler straight-up murdered this rap the week before she gave birth, which remains on of the most epic things I’ve ever seen (m100 included):

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